7 Spring Pieces to Brighten Up Last Year’s Wardrobe

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Springtime is blossoming all over with beautiful weather, budding flowers, and the long-awaited return of your spring wardrobe. It’s finally time to pack away your heaviest winter boots, coats, and hats, and break out some of your warmer-weather items. But don’t be surprised if you also feel the urge to rush out and buy a lot of new seasonal accessories and clothing. After all, the cheerfully decorated storefronts look so appealing after you’ve spent months wearing bulky dark colors. The good news is, you don’t have to introduce all new items to breathe new life into your closet. With a few select springtime additions, you can infuse fresh style into your warmer-weather clothes. These new pieces will make a big impact on your existing wardrobe (and help you get excited about the beautiful sunny weather) without breaking the bank.

Read on for the essentials that will brighten up your springtime closet and get you ready to soak up the sunshine in style.

Pluck a new purse.

A high-quality, lightweight bag is the perfect springtime accessory. This year, the theme for handbags seems to be colors galore! The runways have been filled with purses of all sizes in a rainbow of beautiful shades. After a winter season of carrying bags in neutrals like black, charcoal, and brown, don’t be afraid to try a boldly colored purse in pink, sky blue, or even a metallic finish like gold or pewter.

7 Spring Pieces to Brighten Up Last Year’s Wardrobe

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Top Your Look with a Colorful Scarf

Just because it’s sunny outside doesn’t mean the air is warm! A scarf in a lightweight fabric and spring-like color or pattern will accentuate any neutral outfit while keeping you comfortable in mercurial weather. Don’t leave home without a pashmina, a silk neckerchief, or another spring-appropriate scarf draped over your neck and shoulders. For an eye-catching look that’s also on trend this season, tie a small, plissé scarf kerchief-style around your neck (these also look very chic tied to the strap of your handbag!).

Unleash your inner glow with perfect jewelry accents

The best jewelry pieces are the ones that are versatile and enhance your look without stealing focus. A great example is Lucite jewelry, which makes a statement but is subtle enough to wear every day. Slip on a transparent cuff, cocktail ring, or necklace to instantly elevate any outfit. Crystal jewelry is another great neutral option that happens to be very “in” this spring. Another fantastic trend this season is pearl jewelry; pearls go with nearly everything and really light up your face.

Pick up a new shoe.

Temperatures can still be quite chilly at this time, so a spring boot is the perfect crossover shoe for days that are cloudy or cool. Consider trying a suede style in a soft neutral shade like light grey, putty, or off-white. On warmer days, you’ll enjoy showing off your ankles with a loafer or other flat in a metallic finish. Of course, for a walk on the wild side, a flat in a zebra or leopard print never goes out of style.

Step out in a fresh manicure.

To really celebrate the change in the seasons, get a fresh manicure and pedicure. Your hands will look great (now that there’s no use for gloves) and you’ll feel in step with the season by wearing a cheerful shade, like the Pantone color of the year, Living Coral.

Warm up with a lightweight jacket.

You’ve likely packed away your parkas and peacoats, but it’s probably still too chilly to leave the house with no outer layer. On a rainy day, a trench coat is essential for arriving at your destination in style (and dry!). Otherwise, a lightweight jacket of any style will do. Suede and leather jackets are perennial favorites that can be paired with dressy or casual looks, and a nice denim jacket looks great with most skirts, dresses, or any non-denim pants.

Bring home a spring-like blouse.

A blouse is the perfect lightweight and airy top for warmer weather. Blouses go equally well with jeans, dress pants, and skirts alike. They come in a variety of styles, so choose one that conveys your fashion preferences, whether crisp and collared, trendy and bold, or floral and flowing. Prints are very “in” this spring, so if you choose a printed blouse, wear it as you would any other accent piece and keep the rest of your look more neutral. If a printed blouse is too busy for your taste, choose a solid color instead.

One final piece of advice: Go ahead and buy any other pieces that you need and love. No matter how well curated your spring wardrobe may already be, you can likely think of one or two items that you lack. Whether it’s a dress or a pair of jeans, don’t feel guilty for buying the things you need that will create great looks all season long. The same goes for that “perfect” splurge item you find by surprise that you must have.As long as you have room in your closet, go for these items when you come across them—you’ll enjoy them thoroughly, and they are sure to get lots of wear.

           Remember, spring represents renewal and a fresh start, so give yourself full permission to add a few new seasonal additions to your closet. They will brighten up your look and inspire you to begin each day with a spring in your step.


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