Why Can’t I Lose Weight?  The million-dollar question…

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Why Can’t I Lose Weight?  The million-dollar question…

Weight loss challenges must be seen from the perspective that the body is out of balance because the body is stressed out, ill and cannot get rid of toxins. It simply does not function well. Often various systems are clogged up with toxins from foods, medications and the environment. The body is not able to get rid of them, and often nutrient deficiencies are the obstacle. Known and hidden infections in the gut or body are a burden that create inflammation and make us tired, plus the sex hormones and blood sugars are often on a rollercoaster too. In these cases, the body is distracted and certainly does not have the energy to metabolize excess toxins.

Once all the above are addressed in an integrated process and the organs function is improved, the excess weight will melt away over time as the body begins to metabolize and eliminate toxins that are stored in body fat.

With stubborn weight loss, there is no quick fix. After all, you did not wake up one morning and all of a sudden found an additional 10 lbs. on the scale. The weight gain usually happens gradually. Yo-yo dieting and excessive caloric restriction often makes matters worse and can result in increased carb cravings.

It is important to consider that toxins are stored in body fat and in our organs. This occurs, when the liver is already challenged and cannot get rid of the accumulation of toxins that include environmental pollutants, also known as POP (Persistent Organic Pollutants: Thousands of synthetic and very harmful environmental and human chemical pollutants, which were developed for use in pest controls, crop production and industry. These are very harmful to all living creatures in the environment, our natural resources and our human body, where they get stored in body fat). The chemical estrogen in plastics found in water bottles, or in the lining of cans or coffee cups, is also toxic to the body and it will be stored in body fat.

It is not just about calories in – calories out.


Often an individual will cut calories or skip meals in an attempt to lose weight and that makes the whole situation worse. Think about it, the body needs energy to break down toxins and to move them out of the body. With less energy coming in (and often more stress that can result in carb binges), the body will be even more tired. It will just slow down and it will keep storing fat as it cannot get rid of the many toxins coming in. Exactly what we do not want.

A tired body cannot get rid of toxins – and it cannot get rid of body fat.

The entry point, besides a cleaner diet and exercises, is to support liver and lymphatic function AFTER digestion and elimination have been optimized and brain plus adrenal function have been supported. We do not want to release toxins from body fat, unless they can be made less toxic by the liver AND they can be eliminated. Imagine if the body is constipated – nothing will move out and the toxins will be re-absorbed, and stored.

This is a major reason why I do not support fasting as often the body is already exhausted. It needs energy from healthy foods, sleep and appropriate exercise to detox. (Keep in mind, that I do not see well individuals in my practice). Decreasing of calories comes into play for weight loss, but not until a solid foundation has been established with whole foods plus hormonal and blood sugar imbalances have been addressed. And the body is poopin’ every day! It is not a good idea to release toxins from body fat by pushing the liver detox with a 7- day juice fast or extreme cleanses. The body cannot handle and metabolize the toxic load released, and it creates a tremendous stress on the kidneys and liver beside fatigue, skin eruptions and headaches.

When it comes to weight loss, various factors beyond the daily diet must be considered. Any inflammatory burden, thyroid function, adrenal stress, toxic relationships at home or work, or any other distraction the body is dealing with e.g. food sensitivities or H Pylori in the gut, will affect how well the body can function and how much energy it has to burn fat. A tired and chronically stressed body wants sugar for energy; it has in a certain forgotten how to burn body fat. This is where exercise, in particular weight training, is helpful to reawaken the metabolic rate.

As such, long-term and healthy weight loss is a gradual process. Often excess weight also is connected with adrenal insufficiency, water retention and digestive ailments. As the body gains more energy from changes in eating habits, improved digestion, daily exercise and more sleep, it can function better! Just like a car, if it gets the right fuel mix and a good tune up, it runs smoothly and efficiently.

Weight loss is one of the top complaints I hear about in my holistic practice. It is most important is to understand that excess weight must be considered as a symptom: It is a symptom of a body that is out of balance. It is not just about calories in and calories out! The following “Body Fat Promoters” must be considered in all weight-loss challenges. Often there are multiple factors that must be addressed concurrently, starting with an assessment of the nutrition and lifestyle.

Why Can’t I Lose Weight?  The million-dollar question…

It is because of the unique physiology and mind-body blueprint regarding each individual that a “one size approach” does not work. Everyone is different and has different nutritional needs. There is way to test what nutrients are best for you, but this is not discussed in trendy nutrition and fitness magazines that discuss, e.g. the latest diet fad of a celebrity or reality show star.

There are multiple causes listed above, and often, when addressing weight loss concerns, multiple organs and glands are chronically implicated in a dysfunctional pattern. It is essential to consider all known factors and all possible factors that contribute to the weight loss challenges.

Why Can’t I Lose Weight?  The million-dollar question…

The more one places focus on the weight one does NOT want, the more weight one is likely to attract. Just like the saying, “When it rains, it pours.” This is where the mind-body comes into play. Focus on the positive; keep reassessing your need for habits that keep you from reaching your goal. Get out there with fun friends, exercise smart instead of beating yourself up. Promote positive thoughts, stop those toxic emotions and the monkey mind chatter that attracts more toxic energies and cravings.

Why Can’t I Lose Weight?  The million-dollar question…

Any diet that advertises a magic weight-loss fix is simply bogus. I personally dislike the word “diet” as it conjures up a sense of restriction and sacrifice. In my past, I have used calorie restrictions, synthetic foods, diet sodas, a low-fat diet … I have been there. I thought that it was good to do that, never mind that I had a lot of headaches and often felt ill. Once I learned differently about chemically altered foods and the no-fat nonsense, I was so happy, as I love to eat—especially fat! It is amazing what can happen when our unique nutritional needs and lifestyle are addressed. You feel that energetic bounce and positive mood in your step when you release the feeling of being deprived and hungry!





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