White-Hot Summer Style Picks

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I love an all-white look. It’s fresh and clean, not to mention it’s a color trend of the moment. What’s more it’s a welcome departure from all of the dark neutrals we usually see. But let’s face it – regardless of what’s trending – a head-to-toe white can be tough to pull off. For starters it’s tough to keep white, well white. (Can you say stain-magnet?!) Plus an all-white ensemble can end up looking a bit bland. Also depending on the shape, an all-white ensemble can make us look larger since lighter colors magnify the areas on which they are placed. With that in mind I’m of the mindset that “just a dab will do you” and I usually recommend using white as a “pop” color…When mixed with other tones and shades in your closet white can provide a wonderful seasonal update and help to lighten your look. If you’re looking to add just a few pieces this summer, check out a few of my favorite picks.

white hot summer style picks, the three tomatoesBlaze on:  If ever there was a time to give up your black blazer, the time is now! (I’m hot just t-h-i-n-k-i-n-g about a black blazer.) That said, there’s no need to give up a polished look. Top off your skirts, dresses and trousers with a wonderful white counterpart. This shorter, cotton pique option is perfect for these hazy, hot days – not to mention a go-to for an over-air conditioned office. What’s more, with the addition of a simple white tank it migrates easily from workweek to weekend. And for those of us who are a bit bigger on bottom, wearing a lighter color on top creates a balancing effect. Where to get it.

Twhite hot summer style picks, the three tomatoeshe Bucket List:  Who doesn’t love a bucket bag? It’s structured, but slouchy; classic, yet on-trend. Best of all it’s a style that is available at all budgets. This one has a small footprint but is large enough to carry life’s little necessities. What’s more, an adjustable cross-body strap clips on when you prefer a hands-free carrying option. Whether you wear cross-body or effortlessly slung over your shoulder, I think you’ll agree that this bag carries a carefree nonchalance that’s prefect for these warm weather- months. Where to get it.

white hot summer style picks, pleats, the three tomatoesPleats, please: Nothing says summer quite like a pretty white blouse. But with the warmer weather comes an ease in both our demeanor and dress. So instead of reaching for a crisp, white button-down blouse, why not opt for this breezy, summer-ready style? Part prim, part polished this is an easy add to any wardrobe and effortlessly works back to any bottom you have. I love the sliming elements of the vertical pleats – not to mention the additional touch of trend with the high low hem. Where to get it.

white hot summer style picks, shoes, the three tomatoesA cut above the rest:  I’m not sure why, but white shoes get a bad rap. It could be that we associate them with nurses or brides or what little girls wear on Easter. But I say white shoes for anyone that is looking to make a style statement. An all-over cutout details make this sandal a glam and sexy addition to your collection. What’s more, on lighter skin tones they can elongate the leg-line – the same way that a nude shoe can – but look infinitely more interesting. Where to get it.

white hot summer style picks, shoes, cullotes, the three tomatoesBack to the Future: You may have resisted this trend and so did I (at first) but this season’s “midi-pants” are nothing like the gauchos from yesteryear. The fabrics are more polished and the cuts are ‘crisper’ which makes for a chic (and current) alternative to a classically-tailored pant. Temperature-wise they are just as comfy as a skirt or dress but have the ease of pants. Let’s not forget the width of the pant balances any width – perceived or otherwise – at the hips and thighs. Just make sure to tuck in your top to define your waist and add a heel to balance the width and you’ve got a piece that’s as easy as summer itself. Where to get it.

So go ahead and whiten up! But just a word to the wise – you may want to keep your favorite glass of red – not to mention your morning cup of joe – far, far away.

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