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With so many streaming services, out there it’s hard to keep up on what’s binge worthy.  Well over the holidays we had time for some binging, so here are some our picks.


The Two Popes

Absolutely brilliant acting by Anthony Hopkins and Johnathan Price. It’s such an intimate film and you’ll feel like a fly on the Vatican walls. We love how the Pope’s are humanized. Watch it on Netflix.

The Irishmen

Yes, it’s long, but if you’re streaming it you can watch at your leisure. An interesting take on the mob and the Jimmy Hoffa days, and it’s worth watching to see three legends – Joe Pesci, Robert DeNiro, and Al Pacino on screen together, plus some other wonderful surpise actors in cameo roles. Watch it on Netflix.

The Upside

Starring Bryan Cranston and Kevin Hart, this movie came and went in the theaters, but you can find it free on demand. We loved this beautiful, funny and poignant story of an unlikely friendship.  Cranston is a wealthy man who is now a paraplegic and Kevin Hart, recently released from prison becomes his caretaker. Nicole Kidman (always terrific) plays a small supporting role.  Highly recommend watching. Look for it free on demand.




You’re going to say, “What? Women wrestlers?” Well that’s what we thought but were hooked on this series from the first episode. It takes place in the ‘80s and is about a has been screen writer who comes up with the idea to create a show about women wrestlers, featuring beautiful women who all happen to be misfits and teaching them to become wrestlers. The stories of each one evolve over time. It’s a comedy/drama.  Well-acted and we binged all three seasons.   Watch it on Netflix.

Back to Life

We’ve been watching season one on ShowTime and if you loved FleaBag, you will love this dark, satircal comedy BBC show too. It’s about a woman who returns home after 18 years in prison for killing her best friend to her parent’s home and the hometown that is not too accepting of her. Watch it on Showtime.

Returning Shows

Grace and Frankie

The sixth and final season returns to Netflix on Jan. 15.

Schitt’s Creek

One of the funniest series ever, it returns for it’s final season, number seven on the POP TV network. And you’ll find the first 5 seasons (with season 6 to be released soon) on Netflix so you can see what you’ve been missing.

Get our recommendations of TV shows, movies, and more that tomatoes will love, many of which feature actresses "who aren't kids".

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Get our recommendations of TV shows, movies, and more that tomatoes will love, many of which feature actresses "who aren't kids".

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