What Men REALLY Want

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by Sandy Weiner

what men really want

If you know what men really want, dating and relationships become so much easier. In this video, learn the top 4 ways to a man’s heart.

Do you know what men REALLY want? Many experts will tell you that men are simple. And yes, in some ways they are. While all men aren’t the same, most men want the same four things when it comes to dating and relationships. In this video, I share the top four things men want. If you pay attention to these, relationships and dating will be so much easier.

What Men Really Want

  1. Sex. Yes, men want sex. As soon as they meet you, they’re deciding if they want to have sex with you. And if they do, they’re thinking of ways to get you to sleep with them. If you delay sex, you’ll know if his intention is more than physical. If he makes dates with you, wants to see you and talk to you, and he escalates the relationship, he’s showing you he values ALL of you.
  2. Appreciation. Show a man you like him by complimenting him, from the first text and date, and throughout the relationship. Learn his love language to know how he feels loved and appreciated. Some men feel appreciated through physical touch. Others appreciate your acts of service, little ways of showing him you’re thinking of him. If a man’s love language is quality time, he feels appreciated when you spend time with him.
  3. Respect. A man needs to feel you respect him. How do you show respect, especially if you’re an independent woman? Ask for his opinion and feedback. Lean on him for support in some way. Even though you’re capable of doing it all, be vulnerable and let him help you.
  4. Surprises. Don’t get stuck in the ‘same-old-same-old’ while you’re dating or in a relationship. Change things up and experience fun activities together. Surprise him in different ways inside and outside the bedroom. Spicing things up will maintain strong attraction.

*Thank you to dating coach, Jason Silver, for his excellent video on what men want, and some of the ideas that inspired this video.

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