Wearable Trends: Runway-Inspired Looks You Can Wear Every Day

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Runway fashion is an art form like no other. It is at once beautiful, bold, and provocative—as we were reminded by the runway shows during recent fashion weeks worldwide. But no matter how stunning and eye-catching some runway looks may be, many seems a bit impractical or extreme for everyday life. After all, most of us don’t often feel inclined to dress in a see-through gown, a corset, or hot pants on a normal day. (But if you do, more power to you!) Still, I believe we are meant to take fashion inspiration from the trends gracing the runways, and find practical ways to incorporate them into our wardrobes and lives—especially when we discover a trend that reflects our tastes and brings us joy when we wear it. Read on to learn about wearable trends, along with some advice for incorporating them into your wardrobe.            

Vivid colors and lots of leathers. Bold color has been on display on the runways lately. From bright yellows and reds to glowing neon shades of green, you can expect to see a spectrum of colorful garments this spring and summer. One shade that always makes an impact is orange—it’s one of my favorite colors to wear. There are so many fun ways to enjoy orange this year: try an orange dress, sweater, swimsuit, tee shirt, or orange nail polish to make a statement with color.

Another great 2020 trend is colorful leathers and faux leathers. Some of the looks spotted include leather dresses in chive, fuchsia leather blazers, powdery blue leather coats, and even colorful leather tops. To pull off a leather look, make sure that the other materials you wear have a softer appearance to keep your outfit from looking too severe. Try pairing a leather skirt with a puff-sleeve blouse or combining a leather blazer or jacket with supple denim jeans.

Florals in bloom. Florals are feminine and easy to wear; maybe that’s why they keep popping up on the runways year after year! If wearing prints in general feels a little intimidating (as it does for some), a floral print is a great place to start. Go for a top or dress in a micro floral pattern, and when you’re more comfortable try a bigger, bolder, or brighter print. And when summer arrives, consider a dress or swimsuit in a tropical floral print that channels your dream vacation locale.

Fun with fringe and polka dots. Fringe is showing up on jackets and handbags, and it dances from the bottom of the many crocheted dresses that are also making a comeback this spring. This sometimes-bohemian sometimes-western look makes a big statement. So, if you wear or carry something fringed, do keep the rest of your outfit fairly neutral.

Another fun trend of the moment is polka dots galore. Polka dotted blouses, dresses, swimsuits, and bags remind us that fashion can be whimsical and playful, and that we should remember to incorporate a little lightheartedness into our looks. Go ahead and slip on a polka dotted blouse or camisole beneath your blazer or wear a dotted dress to work on casual Friday. But remember to consider the scale of the polka dot pattern before you buy. Smaller sized dots read more as a neutral whereas larger dots look far more dramatic.

Girls in white dresses…and plenty of trench coats. This year, the runways have been full of flowing, ethereal white dresses perfect for spring and summer. Pair these light-as-air looks with boots and a lightweight jacket until the weather warms up, and once it’s sunny and hot wear them with open toe sandals. The trench coat trend is also in full swing—perfect for spring wind and rainstorms. From dramatic full-length trenches with over-pronounced collars reminiscent of the 1970s to ladylike knee-length styles, there’s a trench for every weather pattern and occasion. 

It looks like 2020 is going to be a great year for wearable trends. If you see one that calls to you, take a chance and give it a try. There’s always a way to wear a popular style so that it works for you. You may even surprise yourself with what you end up loving. And remember, you’ll be in good company with other confident and stylish women having fun with fashion.


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  1. Beth Martin says:

    Thanks for making sense of these upcoming trends. What’s old (bold colors, flower power, fringe and polka dots) becomes new again—-reimagined in sleeker forms.

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