Treat Yourself to These Festive Winter Essentials

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With the holidays just around the corner, you may be getting ready to shop ’til you drop. Even though holiday shopping is mostly about buying gifts for loved ones, it’s important to treat yourself to something special too. After all, the holidays can be stressful and overwhelming. Between buying gifts, planning elaborate holiday dinners, and attending parties and other events, it’s easy to forget about ourselves. But we definitely shouldn’t.

The next time you see something beautiful that’s just your style, grab it and consider it a holiday present especially for you. (Bonus points if it’s on sale!) You deserve some cheerful and fun new pieces, and you may even be able to incorporate them into a festive ensemble for an upcoming holiday event. For example:

A new winter handbag.

When you are bundled up from head to toe, an eye-catching handbag is one of the best ways to make a statement or elevate your look. I’ve noticed lots of fun trends in bags this season, from shearling-trimmed bags and crocodile skin purses to quilted leather totes and belted bags. Additionally, gold and other metallic styles are making an appearance this year, along with dainty handbags with delicate chain straps. Treat yourself to a new “everyday” bag or an embellished clutch or purse to carry on special occasions this holiday season.

A dressy red shoe.

Stand out from the crowd by pairing your outfit with a red shoe at your next holiday soiree. You can go bold with a cherry-colored pump, or find a more subdued (but just as lovely) shade of red. For example, try a stilettoed bootie in burgundy or a mahogany ankle boot.

Snowy white apparel.

White winter attire is timeless and can create a stunning look for your holiday gatherings. Invest in a well-made white dress, top, pant, or even a jumpsuit. Remember that you don’t have to settle for a bright white garment if that shade doesn’t naturally suit your skin tone. You may find that other tones such as ivory, soft white, or cream are more flattering. Find what works for you and get ready to glow!

A statement coat.

An eye-catching coat in a rich and gorgeous color will keep you feeling warm and looking stylish as you attend all your holiday events. For a fun holiday look, try a cozy belted coat in cranberry or holly green. Or cloak yourself in warmth with a cape-style coat in royal blue or navy.

Festive jewelry.

Jewelry is the final touch that completes your outfit and makes you sparkle and shine. You need only a few pieces of jewelry to make any look complete, but it’s always fun to add a little extra flair to your holiday ensembles by adding a bolder piece of jewelry. A few ideas for adding a little extra dazzle at your festive gatherings might include one or more of the following: chandelier earrings, crystal-encrusted teardrop earrings, a choker, a cocktail ring, an ornate pendant on a chain, a metallic cuff.

Don’t exclude yourself from the season of giving. Not only do you deserve a beautiful holiday, you deserve to look stunning throughout the season. So treat yourself to a few presents that will help you shine from within.


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