Tomatoes Among the Rosés

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Tomatoes Among the RosésThe Three Tomatoes’ Roni Jenkins and Cheryl Benton had so much fun this week hosting our first ever Rosé Wine Tasting event, at the beautiful View Grill in Glen Cove on Long Island’s Gold Coast. It was a beautiful evening sampling six fabulous Rosé’s led by wine guru James Russo (who writes for the 3Ts too…read his last article on Rosés.)   Join us for our next wine event, our annual wine trip to the Long Island’s North Fork Vineyards.

Tomatoes among the Rosés

A couple of things we learned:

Rosé wines get their beautiful color from a shortened grape skin (Red Grapes) contact with the juice during the fermentation process. Basically, Rosé is made exactly like red wine, but the juice from the grapes doesn’t sit in contact with the skins for as long. The skins give the red wine its dark color.

The multitude of grapes used these days will determine the flavor profile of the wine.

The Hottest Rosé in France Right Now

Tomatoes Among the RosésEach of the six Rosés had a distinct flavor and ranged from a sparkling Rosé to dry Rosés and then a couple that were more fruity and sweeter.  The most fun wine we sampled was the Rosé’ Piscine 2016 (Brens, France) which is the trendiest wine in the South of France right now and is typically served over ice.  “Oh cabana boy, bring me another Piscine.”

Below is a list of the 6 wines we enjoyed.  Try ‘em, you’ll like ‘em.

Tomatoes Among the Rosés

Saint Hilaire Rosé Sparkling Wine 2014 (Limoux, France)

Louise DuBois 1885 Rosé 2016 (France)

Terre des Oliviers Cotes De Provence2016 (Vidauban,France)

Paniza Garnacha Rosé’ 2015 (Carinena Spain)

Cuvee des dix Deniers Rosé’ 2016 (Tavel, France)

Rosé Piscine 2016 (Brens, France)


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