Tomato Entrepreneurs: Luxury Intimates and Animal Photography

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In celebration of Small Business Week, we want to tell you about two tomato entrepreneurs. Meet animal photographer Diana Haskel, whose photos will warm your heart.  And we’re excited to introduce you to Jean Criss a breast cancer survivor, who has just launched CRISSCROSS Intimates, a beautiful new line of luxury intimate apparel, designed for breast cancer survivors (at every stage).

 CRISSCROSS Intimates for Breast Cancer Survivors

Jean Criss was a breast cancer patient for more than four years. Massive complications from bilateral lumpectomy with radiation and then, mastectomy with reconstructive surgery led to 13 surgeries over the course of several years. She would always have to wear ugly, often uncomfortable, utilitarian bras in and out of the hospital.   Her journey, which she wrote about in a trilogy of inspiring books, reminded her of how irritating her recovery was. This was her impetus for a creating a line of apparel for breast cancer survivors, that is comfortable at every stage of recovery and looks good too. And that is what gave birth to CRISSCROSS Intimates apparel .

She began with The Nina Bra – the first of several revolutionary designs for post-surgical patients who have undergone single or bi-lateral lumpectomies, mastectomies, augmentation or other reconstructive breast surgeries.

“CRISSCROSS Intimates provides undergarments for women and men of all stages and phases of breast cancer,” Criss said.

The Nina Bra, for example, boasts machine washable, seamless compression European fabrics; detachable loop snaps or a CRISSCROSS pouch that conveniently hold drainage tubes during recovery to be worn near your side over or under garments; racerback breast cancer symbol back with magnet and Velcro technology side closures for maximum comfort.

The Grace Bra is available for plus-size women, and the Christina Bra is available for women who need to wear prosthesis inside their bra in lieu of having reconstructive surgery.

While bras retail for about $125, eight bold colors of mix-and-match separates are available for women, including briefs ($28) and thongs ($24), while two styles of vests (with shoulder straps $125; and strapless $95) are available for men.   Check out the full line at:

Photography for Animals and the People They Love

We love our animal companions more than humanly possible. Every glance, touch, and movement shared is an intimate exchange. Another page in a true love story. NYC based photographer Diana Haskell is a witness and articulator of these powerful exchanges. The bond of unfathomable depths is Diana’s subject; her work shines a light on the connection that is always there.

Here is just a sampling of her extraordinary photos.  After one of her photo sessions, the humans can choose a portrait of their dogs – a LoveStory Print, a LoveStory Book.  See more photos and learn more about Diana Haskell at her web site.  Here’s to a tomato’s best friend!


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