The Wistaria: A lovely way to celebrate success

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The Wistaria:  A lovely way to celebrate success, the three tomatoesThe Wistaria in Sierra Madre, just a little east of Pasadena, was the perfect way to relax and relish the success of the recent LA Three Tomatoes Launch Party and the end of the joyful visit of Cheryl and Roni, the NY Tomatoes. Let me say first that I am not a foodie or a restaurant critic but I am going to tell you when I think the food was better than good and the restaurant is charming and worth a try.

The Wistaria is located in the cozy and adorable village of Sierra Madre (more about this village in a future newsletter). The Wisteria reflects that. Though it is modern in decor, it is small and intimate and fits in to Sierra Madre essence perfectly. 

The Three Tomatoes, plus our special honorary tomato Pat Lentz (who hosted our launch party in her home), were pretty pooped after the launch party on Saturday but we wanted to celebrate plus we were just plain hungry. You can only take so much wine and chocolate. Knowing Old Town Pasadena would be packed on a Saturday night, we headed over to Sierra Madre where we hoped to find a table in one of their special restaurants. Though it was crowded we lucked out at The Wistaria.

The Wistaria:  A lovely way to celebrate success, the three tomatoes

I felt all dishes listed on the menu had an interesting flair. There is a limited amount of choices for dinner but I felt confident that this was a good sign that special care was taken in the meal preparation and that the food would be fresh as well. And yes, indeed, that was the case. It was simply delish and unique and our taste buds were very happy. And I just found out they also serve breakfast and lunch!

Always check out the reviews on Yelp or other sites to see if it is right for you and worth the trip because as I said I’m no expert except that I love good food and a special ambiance when I go out. 

44 N Baldwin Ave

Sierra Madre, CA 91024

(626) 355-3155



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