The Secret to Doubling Your Summer Wardrobe

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The Secret to Doubling Your Summer Wardrobe

It feels like summer is almost over, doesn’t it?  The kids are on the cusp of going back to school, you can count the days until Labor Day, and everyone is scrambling to plan late summer barbecues or that last weekend away.  But the good news is – summer isn’t over yet!  Which means that there’s still time to enjoy your summer wardrobe before the weather turns cool.

If you’re like me, there are certain warm-weather items in your closet that are a little harder to wear than others.  Whether they feel occasion-specific, a little too dressy for everyday, or the right circumstance hasn’t materialized this summer – those rarely worn, but much loved styles deserve to come out of the closet and into the sunshine more often.

So what’s the first step to getting more out of your summer favorites, and essentially doubling their wear-potential?  TAKE THEM OUT OF THE CLOSET!  Placing them in plain sight will keep them top of mind, and significantly increase the chance of using them while they’re still weather-appropriate.  And the next step in ensuring double duty?  Make some outfits featuring these favorites (and I mean now, not 5 minutes before you leave the house) so that the perennial question of, “how should I wear it?” isn’t an obstacle.

Read below for inspiration on outfitting your summer style treasures in a new way – what to do with that weekend camisole, where else you can wear your favorite party dress, how to outfit a floaty skirt when you’re not on vacation, and when to pull out those amazing special occasion sandals that barely see the light of day.


The Secret to Doubling Your Summer WardrobeWhere you normally wear it: Weekends at the beach

Where else you can wear it: Casual Friday at work

You may relegate that white eyelet camisole to summer weekends only, but why not grab it for a casual Friday at the office?  (And no, you don’t need a strapless bra, because you won’t be removing your cardigan in office air-conditioning.)  Pair it with ankle-length neutral pants, open-toed booties and printed accessories for a look that takes you from casual 9-5 to ‘it’s finally the weekend’ drinks afterward…


The Secret to Doubling Your Summer Wardrobe

Where you normally wear it: The rare summer garden party

Where else you can wear it: Sunday brunch

If the occasion hasn’t arisen to wear that cute little floral print dress, maybe you need to revise your plan.  Instead of saving it for a garden party, use it to dress up Sunday brunch.  Slip-on sneakers and a denim jacket make it less ‘party-only’, without subtracting any of the fun!


The Secret to Doubling Your Summer Wardrobe

Where you normally wear it: Tropical vacation destinations

Where else you can wear it: Weekday date night, weekend wandering, etc. etc.

A floaty midi skirt – you bought it, you love it, but you can’t figure out what to do with it.  Don’t over think it – under think it!  Keep it super simple with a t-shirt and denim slides, because yes, it’s that easy.  Where will you wear this?  Wherever you want…


The Secret to Doubling Your Summer WardrobeWhere you normally wear it: Cocktail parties or summer weddings

Where else you can wear it: Girls’ night out

You’d normally save your super-chic, outrageously stylish strappy sandals for an evening wedding or dressy party – but why not wear them for a girls’ night out?  The secret: don’t get dressed and then choose the shoes – put the shoes on first and build your outfit around them.  Summer staples like white jeans and a chambray shirt are the ideal supporting cast to superstar heels, and they almost guarantee a never-fail, envy-worthy outfit.

 Do you have a summer favorite that you wish could do double duty? Let me know in the comments!


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