The “Original” Farmers Market

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The "Original" Farmers Market, the three tomatoesThe Farmer’s Market is one of the most beloved places in Los Angeles. Before Los Angeles had all the weekly farmers markets in it’s various communities there was THIS Original Farmer’s Market which serves the community 7 days a week.

The Farmers Market opened in 1934 where a dozen nearby farmers began to park their trucks for a cost of 50 cents on a field and sell fresh produce to local residents. It has officially been declared a LA historical landmark and will forever be a part of Los Angeles History.  

Though the fancy Grove Mall is next door, the down-to-earth Farmers Market is a nice contrast. The Grove is modern and new but the Farmers Market is old world LA and the vibe once you step in is still the same. It is really cool that a green steel electric powered streetcar runs between the two very different sites. 

The Gilmore Family has owned the Farmers Market, and the land on which it sits, since 1861. The Market is overseen by members of that family (it’s 5th generation) to this day. I just love that it is an independent extremely successful multi-generational family business. I just adore this place and wish I could get there more often. It has it all.  

The "Original" Farmers Market, the three tomatoes

There is every type of food imaginable from merchants with food stalls, sit-down eateries, prepared food vendors, and produce markets featuring more than 100 restaurants, grocers, and tourist shops. A sign that reads “Meet Me at Third and Fairfax” displays at the front of the Farmers Market.  

So, tomatoes, it is a great place to meet and have a good time. I recommend planning your trip before hand if you don’t live in the immediate area because parking can be an issue at certain times.

The Original Farmers Market

6333 W.3rd St. 

Los Angeles, CA 90036

From our Farmers' Markets to our restaurants of every cuisine, we've got the food, wine, and dining scoop

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From our Farmers' Markets to our restaurants of every cuisine, we've got the food, wine, and dining scoop

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