The Obsession: Must-Try Fall Color Combos

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Fall is in the air – can’t you smell it?  The mornings are chilly, it’s finally cool enough during the day to wear sweaters in the Bay Area, and anything you want to eat (or drink) is available in a pumpkin spice flavor.  And nothing feels more fall to me than fall colors – pops of orange, mustard, burgundy, olive and neutral shades of camel and navy just exude fall and make me want to wear cozy knits, corduroy pants and wool jackets.

One of my favorite things about fall colors is how they combine.  When you look at falling leaves, you don’t see just one shade, you see a palette of autumnal hues – so why not wear a fall palette in your daily outfits?

I work with many clients who are hesitant to combine actual colors.  Sure, you’re adept at wearing a pop of orange with an otherwise neutral outfit, but are you open to wearing orange with burgundy? Or mustard with olive? If you’re not ready yet, you will be after you check out the below images of amazing fall outfits in the must-try color combinations of the season.  And as you get inspired, pay attention to my ‘how to wear color’ tips for wearing shades that might not flatter your skin tone.


burgundy and orange 1.png

I can’t really think of a pairing that feels more fall than burgundy and orange.  You may call it oxblood and pumpkin or maroon and carrot – but no matter your language, it’s a perennial autumn favorite.  When you’re picking out your colored pieces, be deliberate with your choices – if you’re just trying it out, go for a simple top or sweater.  But if you’re fully committed, be daring with an orange coat or burgundy pants that will add literal spice to your overall fall wardrobe.

burgundy and orange 2.png

HOW TO WEAR COLOR: If the color you love doesn’t love your face (aka it doesn’t flatter your skin), a print will diffuse the intensity of the color, making it a bit more wearable. And if you’re nervous about the color near your face at all, wear it in an accent – grab a pop color handbag or fun flat!

burgundy + orange photo credits (left to right, top to bottom): LoLoBu, Cute & Little, Kendi Everyday, Blackanismo, Merrick’s Art


mustard and olive 1.png

No, I’m not talking about your Thanksgiving appetizer plate – I’m referring to fall hues that are amazing with neutrals, but oh so fun together!  After all, isn’t it nice to create a fall outfit that doesn’t have any black or grey?  Mustard and olive both have significant warmth, which is characteristic of much fall color – but they also work with cool shades for unexpected pairings.  And one of the easiest ways to infuse olive into your wardrobe is with a pair of cargo pants – think of them as your jeans substitute. 

mustard and olive 2.png

HOW TO WEAR COLOR: When you’re just dying to wear that mustard top, but it makes you look less than fabulous, stick a color between the top and your face with a scarf!  It’s a quick fix that also adds a dash of print and elevates your overall style quotient.

mustard + olive photo credits (left to right, top to bottom): One Little Momma, Raspberry and Red, J’adore Fashion, Get Your Pretty On


navy and camel 1.png

Although more neutral than actual color, navy and camel are a classic fall duo.  What’s more timeless than a camel wool coat?  The most straightforward way to add this color match into your wardrobe is with a camel blazer or jacket paired with dark blue jeans – and then the rest of the colors to add are up to you (dare I say ‘rainbow striped sweater’?).

navy and camel 2.png

HOW TO WEAR COLOR: Many of my clients get caught up in colors that aren’t right for them, that they think they can never wear – but it’s really about what flatters your face. So if there’s a color you want to try, how about wearing it on your bottom half?  If a camel sweater makes you look sallow, a camel skirt might be right up your alley…

What color combos will you try this fall?  Let me know in the comments!

navy + camel photo credits (left to right, top to bottom): Stylish Petite, Lady Posts, Extra Petite, Trés Bien Ensemble, H&M


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  1. Shelley Zipp says:

    I love Navy and camel but since camel might wash me out, probably would go for a navy sweater or top with camel colored cord jeans (if there is such a thing? ).

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