The Cozy Collection: Warm and Comforting Necessities for Winter

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Winter is just around the corner, and that means you’ve resigned yourself to a season of cold, dreary darkness. But don’t despair: Icy temperatures outside are no problem when you’re warm and bundled up inside. You might even welcome the change of seasons. In fact, winter’s arrival is the perfect excuse to go shopping for some cold-weather staples to help you stay cozy—or at the very least, breathe new life into your old favorites with some snuggly scarves, socks, and other accessories.

And speaking of cozy: By now you may have heard of hygge (pronounced “hoo-gah”). Just in case you haven’t, it is the Danish concept of coziness. The trend has really taken off recently, and hygge inspiration shows up regularly in home decor, in food, and, certainly, in fashion. With its short days, slower pace, and moody atmosphere, it’s safe to say that winter is the most “hygge” of all seasons. Yes, it’s freezing outside, but you don’t have to be! So instead of dreading the frigid temperatures, bundle up and embrace the coziness of the season. Here are some of my favorite ways to stay warm and comforted despite the icy weather.

Pull on a cozy sweater. A cowlneck or turtleneck sweater will provide the extra warmth you need on cold days without having to add a lot of extra layers. A sweater is the perfect top for living life, whether you’re working, doing some holiday shopping, or meeting a friend for coffee. They go equally well with dressier bottoms like skirts or your most casual pair of jeans. Just slip on a warm jacket and you’ll be ready to go.

The Cozy Collection: Warm and Comforting Necessities for Winter

Sweater available at Soma.

Wear your warmest pants. Why wear regular jeans or pants in cold weather when you could slip on a pair that’s designed to keep you warm? Many clothing brands today have figured out the secret to keeping out the cold. Uniqlo’s legging pants are a personal favorite. Part of the brand’s HEATTECH collection, these legging pants fit like a regular pair of skinny jeans but keep you cozy and comfortable outdoors.

The Cozy Collection: Warm and Comforting Necessities for Winter

Denim Leggins from Uniqlo

Step into fleecy tights. Gone are the days when you had to sacrifice warmth to wear a skirt or dress in cold weather. Today, tights are better and warmer than ever! Just grab a pair that’s extra thick and opaque—preferably in black—and go about your busy day. And if you really want to raise the warmth factor, buy a fleece-lined pair for toasty comfort.

The Cozy Collection: Warm and Comforting Necessities for Winter

Fleece lined tights from Nordstrom.

Don’t go outside without a wool or cashmere scarf. Top off your outfit with a stylish and warm scarf and you’re sure to beat the cold. For the coldest months, wrap up in a wool or cashmere scarf in a color or pattern that compliments the rest of your outerwear. Hint: Scarves are also great for wearing indoors, especially if your home is drafty during the coldest months. Wrap up in one today!

The Cozy Collection: Warm and Comforting Necessities for Winter

Cashmere Scraf from Nordstrom

Remember your gloves or mittens. Don’t let frosty weather freeze your fingertips ever again. A good pair of gloves or mittens will protect your hands from the harsh elements. You can choose from a variety of materials, from cashmere to fleece to leather. No matter what style and material you choose, make sure you get both the warmth and dexterity you need. Many mittens today have removable flaps that give you access to your fingertips. Alternatively, you can easily find gloves with touchscreen technology that allow you to operate your smartphone while wearing them. The Cozy Collection: Warm and Comforting Necessities for Winter

Gloves from Uniqlo

Wrap yourself in a warm, fluffy robe. Few things feel as luxurious as slipping on a pillowy soft robe when it’s cold out and you’re staying in! The plush material warms and comforts you anytime you need a little extra TLC. A great robe is the perfect partner to your winter pajamas and will comfort you when you’re feeling under the weather.

 The Cozy Collection: Warm and Comforting Necessities for Winter

Natori Robe from Nordstrom

Sleep and lounge in soft pajamas. Turn the temperature down a few degrees in your bedroom and slip on a pair of warm pajamas. Whether you choose a flannel or fleece-lined set, you’ll get a restorative reprieve from the outside world and awaken revived and ready for life.

The Cozy Collection: Warm and Comforting Necessities for Winter

PJs from Bloomingdale’s

Slip on a pair of woolen socks. Many of us don’t give a lot of thought to our socks. But investing in the right pair can make you feel like you’re walking on a quilted cloud. During the winter, it’s especially important to stock up on a few pairs of thicker wool socks. They are great for lounging around the house or wearing with fashion boots or rain/snow boots. The bottom line: When your feet are warm, you’ll feel happy.

The Cozy Collection: Warm and Comforting Necessities for Winter

Woolen socks from Uniqlo

Add fluffy throw rugs to your bedroom or closet floor. No one likes stepping out of bed in the morning and setting foot on an ice-cold floor. So, in the winter months especially, add a luxuriously soft throw rug to the floor at your bedside. The plush softness will help you start your day off on the right foot! You can also add one to the inside of your closet, as you’re likely to spend time there each morning selecting your outfit.

No matter how fiercely the wind is howling, I don’t believe winter has to be something you just endure. With the right pieces, you can embrace the chill, and, yes, even enjoy it! So, don’t delay; wrap yourself in your most comforting clothing, light some candles, grab a good book, and settle in for a long, cozy winter.



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