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We had a fabulous 3T Holiday lunch last week and everyone who attended was treated to a wonderful gift bag, thanks to several generous contributors with unique products you all need to know about.  Enjoy!

Hair Loss or Thinning Hair?

You need to know about this product line Deity America Natural Hair Care. Deity America Natural Hair Care specializes in natural hair care products made with plant extracts from Tibet that have been used for centuries with effective results that prevent hair loss.  The plant extracts, herbs and oils are carefully blended to rejuvenate hair and scalp. Aside from healing dry and itchy scalp, the products also work to moisturize and repair hair, restoring its health, shine and softness. So get rid of all the harsh and harmful products and go natural.  Learn more.

Why didn’t we think of this?

Click & Carry is a simple, handle device that allows shoppers to manage and carry multiple bags at once ~ comfortably.  Click & Carry may be CARRIED in the HANDS or WORN over the SHOULDERS.  When worn over the shoulder for easier carrying, the device uses the weight of the bags to counterbalance for a “hands-free” carry. And it carries up to 80 pounds.  Watch the video and you’ll see why you need this.


Hate Your Neck?

Well here’s a new product called Nexsey, a patent pending medical grade tape that allows you to decrease the appearance of wrinkles on your neck by gently and discreetly tightening the skin to create a more youthful appearance…it is the beauty of illusion!  And if purchase it, you’ll get a bonus lip enhancer too, called Fullips.  Get the details and watch the video.

Boob Deodorant – It’s a Thing

You know the old saw, “invention is the mother of necessity”, well that is exactly how and why Joani DiCampli created Boobalicous  Breast Deodorant, an all-Natural and Organic product to help control boob sweat. Smells wonderful and you always feel fresh.  You can choose from scents like lemon, honey, and lavender. And Boobalicious is also founding a non-profit to help people with addictions, and 3% of all sales will be donated.  Check out the Boobalicious product line.


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