Suspenseful Novels and an Unconventional Business Book

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If you love suspenseful novels, we have two recommendations – and both are debuts! And we have a fascinating unconventional business book that will have you thinking about the business of women’s sexual health.

“Orgasmic Leadership” Challenges the Barriers to Women’s Sexual Wellness Products

Suspenseful Novels and an Unconventional Business Book

Those little blue pill ads for guys are everywhere. But when it comes to commercializing women’s sexual wellness products there is in incredibly complex tangle of outdated barriers and challenges. In her in book Orgasmic Leadership, Profiting from the Coming Surge in Women’s Sexual Health, Rachel Braun Scherl, who describes herself as “Vagipreneur”, tells the personal story of what drives, inspires and sustains entrepreneurs in the rapidly growing global women’s sexual health and wellness space. She says the biggest business challenge is the discomfort with the conversation and, specifically, the lack of appropriate language to describe female sexuality in all its complex glory.  It’s a fascinating read for all women concerned about sexual wellness, and it’s a great roadmap for entrepreneurs in any field. Get the book.

“The Winter Sister” Weaves an Engaging and Suspenseful Tale

Suspenseful Novels and an Unconventional Business Book

Megan Collins hits it out of the ball park with her debut novel.  As the book opens 30 year old Sylvie is summoned home by her aunt to care for her mother who is dying of cancer. Sylvie hasn’t returned home since she left for college and is dreading the return to the town where her sister was murdered several years before – a crime that had never been solved –  and her own guilt about it – and to care for her mother who became an alcoholic after the tragedy. Family secrets are revealed, and the suspense builds as Sylvie gets closer to the truth and who murdered her sister. If you love suspense read the book.

“Ghosted” – A Suspenseful Romantic Tale

Suspenseful Novels and an Unconventional Business Book

Warning: this book will keep you reading way into the wee hours of the morning. Sarah returns home to the small town in England where she grew up, a journey she reluctantly makes annually. She meets Eddie while out on a walk and they instantly fall in love and spend a magical 7 days together. He is heading on long planned vacation, but promises to be back before Sarah returns to California. And then there is silence. He doesn’t respond to her calls, or her texts and she becomes obsessed with finding out what happened to him. Go along for the ride – it’s suspenseful and romantic. Get the book.  


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  1. As usual I found this post to be great. I’m glad you brought the term Feng Shui back into my brain. I did study it and I practice Feng Shui fairly automatically after having consciously practiced it for years consciously. I’m sure there are always new things tote learned. Choosing to act based on the energy the choice will bring on without your even realizing it – till it’s there – isn’t something most children are taught to do. I enjoyed Rachel Braun Sherl’s book. As soon as i have time I’ll look at the other books you mention. My soul is still vibrating positively from the fabulous Tomatoes Got Talent finale hosted by Randie Levine Miller this year. Thank you Tomatoes for continually giving me energy!

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