Summer Style Refresh #4

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Summer Style Refresh #4

Anytime is the perfect time to update your summer look – so how about a Summer Style Refresh?  I’m working with clients this summer to create new looks for them for the season, by putting together outfits that work for their lifestyles and body types.  I’m showing them pieces that can re-invigorate their summer wardrobes, work with what they already have, and add something a little different to their everyday.  Sounds fun, right?

I recently worked with Kate.  Kate is an amazing business coach, skilled networker, and overall great person.  At 5’7”, she’s on the tall side – and paired with her size 2 frame, she has a model-type build.  So my priority for Kate is creating looks that fit her frame, enhance her assets, and balance professionalism with showing off her sparkling personality.


Summer Style Refresh #4Summer weddings can be challenging to dress for, since they often combine a fancy occasion with hot weather and outdoor venues.  So it’s ideal to find a dressy dress that’s also easy breezy – and fun, as well.

Why did I choose this look for Kate?  The dress’ wrap silhouette and hip detail add some curve to her lean frame, the shape isn’t clingy (so it beats the heat), and yellow is one of her favorite colors.  Then I added the bold necklace, since she can carry off such a statement piece – and it keeps the overall outfit from looking too sweet.

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Summer Style Refresh #4Kate deals with many different clients in various fields on a daily basis – so she needs to appear professional and pulled together, but not too stuffy.

Why did I choose this look for Kate?  The different colors on the top and bottom visually break her into pieces, thus playing down her height – and separates are an amazing way to extend your wardrobe budget.  The skirt is long enough to remain professional, but has a fun print – and the white blazer is a mainstay in anyone’s summer work wardrobe.


Summer Style Refresh #4The summer in San Francisco isn’t typical, especially at night.  With the fog, it’s less about showing skin and more about being comfortable and covered – so I created what I call Kate’s ‘off-duty model’ look.

Why did I choose this look for Kate?   The overall silhouette plays up her model-like proportions, (which may not be appropriate for meeting clients, but are great on a date with her fiancé) and she can keep warm while still looking sexy.  During dinner, she can shrug off the blazer, and show off a skin-baring embellished cami and her lovely shoulders.  This is also how Kate can take that workday white blazer, and capitalize on the investment by wearing it out at night.



Summer Style Refresh #4On days when she’s not meeting clients, Kate may be working out, running errands, and just enjoying life.  And in the summer, what’s easier than a knit dress and metallic sandals?  They’re essentially the upgraded equivalent of a t-shirt and flip-flops, but so much more chic!

Why did I choose this look for Kate?  The horizontal stripes of the dress counteract her tall and slim build, and it’s something she barely needs to think about as she’s running out the door (and it comes in tall sizes!).  And the denim jacket is an easy layer that she can keep in the car, for cool mornings or late afternoons.



Summer Style Refresh #4When a barbecue invitation arrives, don’t turn to a t-shirt and cutoffs – instead, grab some cute shorts and a fun top!

Why did I choose this look for Kate?  For weekend casual, I love putting Kate in shorts – they show off her amazing legs, and I played them up even more with red wedges.  The embroidered top expresses her boho side, and the bag is just plain fun.



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