Sonnets from Suburbia: At the Beach

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Lady Penelope is at the beach but she’s a little crabby and of course, she has a few complaints. Why am I not surprised?

At the Beach


It’s not all fun and games here at the beach.

The sand that can intrude our private places,

the children who do scream ‘tho we beseech

and SP 50 on our tender faces.

Why bring a towel, ‘t will probably grow soggy.

Thine umbrella will blow away for sure,

or you’ll arrive when it is cold and foggy

and wind will seize belongings not secure.

Why do I often rale against the tide

that peacefully or mostly stays the course?

O’ some of us are better off inside

when nature’s majesty we can’t endorse.

I can’t imagine why I am so crabby.

I must admit this view is not too shabby.

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  • Lady Penelope

    Penny Peyser, aka “Lady Penelope” is an actress / writer / documentary filmmaker living in Los Angeles. Her sonnets have been published in Defenestration , Blood & Bourbon, Page & Spine and Chantwood Magazine among others. Highlights from her acting career include The Hot l Baltimore original production at Circle in the Square, the films All the President’s Men, The InLaws, The Frisco Kid and TV series Rich Man, Poor Man II, The Tony Randall Show, Crazy Like a Fox and Knots Landing. Please visit for all links and to learn about her documentaries Trying to Get Good and Stillpoint. And now Penny Peyser has gathered all of her sonnets into a new book, “Sonnets from Suburbia: More Candles Than Cake”. It is a work of pure genius!

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