Six Wet-Weather Fashion Essentials 

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Even though April’s proverbial spring showers can be a headache to deal with, rainy weather serves the noble purpose of ushering in a new season and feeding the lush flowers, trees, and plants that sustain us year after year. But when we are unprepared for it, mercurial springtime weather can leave even the cheeriest among us cranky, chilly, and, worst of all…wet. That’s why I recommend having a few reliable wet-weather essentials on hand this time of year. With these trusty pieces, you can brave the weather without fear of having your hair ruined, your outfit splashed, or your feet soaked for the rest of the day. The best part is, wet-weather wear is now as beautiful as it is functional. There are countless options to keep you dry and looking as stylish as ever.

Keep reading for my go-to list of clothing and accessories sure to keep you warm and stylish during springtime showers.

Warm up with a light sweater.

Six Wet-Weather Fashion Essentials

Sweater from Nordstrom.

Maybe it’s not freezing outside anymore, but a damp and breezy spring day can still chill you to the bone when you aren’t properly dressed. That’s why you should still have at least one sweater hanging in your closet this time of year. Any lightweight wool, cashmere, or cotton sweater will work fine to keep you warm despite the wind and drizzle.

Make a splash in sleek rainboots.

For truly formidable downpours, nothing beats a traditional pair of rainboots to keep you dry. Slip a pair on over jeans or leggings, or wear them over thick tights if you’re wearing a skirt. You can always tote along your regular shoes and slip them on once you arrive at your destination.

Six Wet-Weather Fashion Essentials

Boot available at Nordstrom.

…or try out other waterproof shoes or boots. If wellies just won’t work with your look on a particularly rainy day, don’t fret. There are amazing options in waterproof fashion that never skimp on style. Aquatalia is one trusted brand that stands out in water-resistant footwear. They offer a wide range of boots, flats, and pumps that keep out the rain.

Stay dry with a great raincoat, trench, or anorak.

Six Wet-Weather Fashion Essentials

Raincoat from Worth.

Rainy day outerwear is functional and fashionable nowadays. Whether you choose a traditional raincoat, a classic trench, or a cozy anorak, you can stay protected from the elements without sacrificing your style. Just be sure to choose outerwear that fits you well and has enough lining or insultation to keep you warm.

Beat the rain with a sturdy and stylish umbrella.

Six Wet-Weather Fashion Essentials

Umbrella from Blunt Umbrellas.

A good umbrella will see you through the windiest and wettest days without falling apart. Choose a high-quality model that will last you through years of torrential downpours. Look for a durable, lightweight model with a comfortable handle and a print or color you adore.

Keep your hair intact with a hat (or scarf).

Six Wet-Weather Fashion Essentials

Rain hat from Amazon.

Unless you like the windblown look, protect your hairstyle from rain and forceful gusts by topping off your look with a hat or scarf on stormy days. A bucket hat is an excellent option to keep you covered and dry while still looking good.

The next time you see storm clouds gathering on the horizon, fear not. You don’t have to resign yourself to being soggy thanks to abundant April showers. With the right rainy-day essentials, you’ll stay cozy, dry, and stylish no matter what the weather brings.


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