Should I Buy This in Another Color?

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“Should I buy this in another color?” I’m sure you’ve asked yourself that before (I definitely hear it from my clients). And it’s so tempting when you find something you like, that fits right, that makes sense for your lifestyle. But, the answer to that question isn’t always “yes”. Because if you buy another color (or two), you may just realize a few things pretty soon afterward:

  • That the first color is the one you liked most. And then you never wear the other colors.

  • That the second color is a repeat of something you already have at home.

  • That you bought two colors in something that doesn’t wear or wash well.

So, before you click <add to cart> on a second color (or grab another of the exact same thing), check out my tips on buying multiples. They’re also known as my ‘multiples pros and cons’.


I completely support buying in multiples – when it makes sense. But very often, you buy another color just because it’s a good price. Or it seems like something useful. Or you need a couple new things and the easiest way of achieving that is getting a few of the same. So, here’s when I think it works to buy multiples:

For the super basic items – Buying in multiples is totally fine (and often a good idea) for the very basic items, like t-shirts, jeans, camisoles, etc. And when it’s an essential layering piece (like a tank or camisole), it may even pay to have a few in the same color. A good fit that washes well is sometimes hard to find. And these are also items that aren’t seen that much – so it doesn’t look like you’re wearing the same thing all the time.

For the ‘perfect’ jeans – It also makes sense to buy a couple of pairs of the same jeans if you find an amazing fit, since it can be a real challenge to find the ideal pair of blue jeans. And when you buy two pairs, you extend the life of both as opposed to wearing the first pair to death (and then frantically trying to replace it later). Click here if you want to try a new fit of jeans.

When you’re a challenging fit – Buying another color of an item also makes sense if you have specific fit issues. If you have a hard time finding a t-shirt with long enough sleeves, a second color might totally make sense. Read this for something to remember if you have issues with fits.

A different way of thinking of multiples – The idea of multiples can be achieved not just by buying a pretty blue top – and then grabbing a red one, too. Instead, maybe buy a color and a neutral. Or one solid and one stripe. Or instead of buying multiples all at once, watch that brand to see if they recreate the same item in different fabrics or weights at different times of the year.


The biggest pitfall when buying multiples of the same item is that you end up with a bunch of clothes that you don’t use. Or you find yourself in a style rut, since you keep wearing the same thing (you’re just changing the color). So, here are some things to avoid when buying multiples:

Don’t buy multiples of a detailed or distinctive item – Because even if you love it, it’s probably too memorable of a piece to have more than one of in your closet.

Don’t have a wardrobe full of multiples – A few good classics are okay, but having several of the same t-shirt and sweater and pants and blouse becomes monotonous (for you and anyone you see on a regular basis).

‘Shopaholics’ should beware buying in multiples – It’s an easy way to justify buying more than one, when one may do just fine. Click for a few tips to shop with more intention.

And here’s one really important tip:

Wait to buy multiples until you’ve worn (& ideally washed) the item – That way, you can truly judge how it feels when you wear it, how it fits after a few hours and how it recovers after washing.

Do you buy in multiples? Let me know in the comments!

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