SF LIFE: The Bachelor, Chinese New Year, Theatre, Plants, Go Niners

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SF LIFE: The Bachelor, Chinese New Year, Theatre, Plants, Go Niners
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Ok Tomatoes, even though you don’t want to admit it, I  know many of you are fans of the Bachelor franchise (she says with a knowing smile having watched many seasons) and now you can see The Bachelor Live on stage! Chinese New Year is next weekend, and do we have the scoop for you? Why yes, we do. Epic Immersive is a most unusual theatre experience you have to participate in to believe. Visit the Berkeley Botanical Gardens and have them help you tend your sick plants. Listen in to my pocast interview this week with top stylist Paul Julch. AND, check out City Hall on Saturday as it will be decked out in its finest Gold and Red lights. GO NINERS!

Feb. 18. The Bachelor Live at San Jose Center

SF LIFE: The Bachelor, Chinese New Year, Theatre, Plants, Go Niners

Can’t get enough of The Bachelor? Let The Bachelor Live on Stage steal you away for just a second. If you thought watching romantic sparks fly and chaotic drama ensue on TV was fun, wait until you see it all go down right in front of you. And here’s the best part: you actually get to call the shots in the rose ceremony!

Cute Bachelor alum Ben Higgins (well aren’t they all cute really) is the host. The Bachelor Live On Stage Official Tour guarantees all the drama, the gossip and the romance of your favorite TV show in one delightful evening for the ultimate fan party.

Previous Bachelor and Bachelorette favorites will serve as your hosts, as one eligible hometown Bachelor is introduced to local ladies from the audience for a chance at love. For the first time ever, Bachelor Nation will have a say in the rose ceremony. From the first impression rose to group date challenges and coveted one-on-ones, watch it all unfold live on stage. Audience members and hosts will guide the Bachelor in his journey to find love. If the leading lady accepts the final rose, the night could end with the start of a beautiful romance. This engaging and hilarious experience will give you and your friends plenty to gossip about and fit an entire season of Bachelor drama into one evening! February 18th San Jose Center for the Performing Arts 7:30 p.m. Get the details.

How to Look Great in the Clothes You Have

It all starts with organizing your closet! I had a fun and informative conversation with Stylist and Three Tomatoes contributor, Paul Julch. Paul shares tips on many ways to provide self-care through your wardrobe and these two fashionistas laugh and talk about renting clothes, fast fashion vs. investment pieces and so much more. Listen in here or wherever you listen to podcasts.

Chinese New Year Activities

SF LIFE: The Bachelor, Chinese New Year, Theatre, Plants, Go Niners

It’s the year of the Rat and it’s time to celebrate. Tomorrow night our delightful SF Symphony hosts a vibrant event to ring in the Lunar New Year. Asian traditions, past and present will be called upon and you can enjoy the Festival Receptions host of activities followed by a performance of Eastern and Western repertoire. Continue the festivities after the concert by purchasing a special ticket to the dramatic and glamorous banquet. www.sfsymphony.org

Lunar New Year fun continues next weekend with a food festival at SoMa StrEat Food park with 15 vendors during Dumpling Down. Bao Buns, egg rolls, dumplings, fresh noodles – oh yum.

SF LIFE: The Bachelor, Chinese New Year, Theatre, Plants, Go Niners

Saturday February 8th is parade day. See beautiful floats, elaborate costumes, ferocious lions and exploding firecrackers. The dancing and colorful fun begins at the corner of 2nd and Market street. You will be clapping loudly at the famous dragon dancers and the energy will be palpable. This is one of the few remaining night illuminated Parades in North America and the biggest parade celebrating the lunar new year outside of Asia. Viewing is free unless you purchase bleacher seats, which is the way to go! www.chineseparade.com

Immersive Fun

SF LIFE: The Bachelor, Chinese New Year, Theatre, Plants, Go Niners

San Francisco’s newest home for immersive experiences is Hotel Whitcomb, an iconic and historic hotel and former SF City Hall. Partnering with Epic Immersive, you will find large-scale immersive events beginning with BOHEMA, a new journey into the heart of Belle Epoque Paris. Clubs, and art salons, rehearsal rooms, cabarets and speakeasies are all a part of this most unusual theatrical experience.

Past Epic experiences have found guests plunged through slides in fireplaces landing in underground wonderlands. Be prepared for over 100 actors and dancers to entertain you with the can-can, magic, mime and clowning.

If you get the urge, tonight and tomorrow night they are offering a special $25 entrance fee to introduce Bohemia to San Francisco. www.epicathotelwhitcomb.com

Berkeley Botanical Garden

SF LIFE: The Bachelor, Chinese New Year, Theatre, Plants, Go Niners

What a find in Berkeley – if you haven’t been, we encourage a visit to the UC Botanical Gardens. You will be in awe of the more than 10,000 types of plants including many rare and endangered species. This beautiful tribute to greenery is organized geographically and feature a major collection of California native plants.

The first Saturday of the month is devoted to helping novice gardeners, or those of us with brown thumbs, help heal ailing plants. From 9 to noon, entomologists will help identify any pests living in your plants and help determine what will make them feel better! http://www.botanicalgarden.berkeley.edu

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