SF LIFE: Scavenger Hunt, Painting, Book Club, What’s Open, Ignite

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SF LIFE: Scavenger Hunt, Painting, Book Club, What’s Open, Ignite

Keeping sane everyone? Just checking in to make sure. Remember, read us every week and we will be your constant in an ever changing world. This week how about a Honey Bear scavenger hunt?  Or head to Menlo Park Independent bookstore Kepler’s online for a Community Reads at home program. Learn to paint with Bob Ross, watch Two Ancient Semi-Enlightened Broads on You Tube, and join me for an online class “Learn to Ignite YOUR Inner Spark – a Play Date for the soul! And you’re addicted to your devices, don’t miss this week’s Happy Hour Podcast. Mask it up and stay safe!

Are you Addicted to Your Devices?

SF LIFE: Scavenger Hunt, Painting, Book Club, What’s Open, Ignite

Anyone feel too attached to their devices?  Technology addiction is a real thing. I interviewed Doreen Dodgen-Magee, psychologist, author and speaker about how important it is to take breaks from technology to gain back some of the gray matter. Doreen’s award-winning book Deviced! Balancing life and Technology in a Digital World explores the effects of technology on our brain, relationships and personal lives. Listen in.

Scavenger Hunt

SF LIFE: Scavenger Hunt, Painting, Book Club, What’s Open, Ignite

San Francisco street artist, fnnch, has made quite a wave in the community since the shelter-in-place order began. With masked honey bears adorned across SF’s boarded-up storefronts, post drop boxes, and alleyways, fnnch’s work has lightened up quarantine for much of the City. Now, fnnch has shifted his work from SF’s streets to SF’s homes with a Great Honey Bear Hunt for anyone and everyone who’s #boredinthehouse.

The scavenger hunt kits go for the at-cost price of $18, which includes a unique honey bear design for you to post in your window, a sticker, and an unsigned print. Each kit includes a Mask Bear printed on paper randomly chosen from over a dozen different Mask Bear designs. Get the details.

Stay Busy

SF LIFE: Scavenger Hunt, Painting, Book Club, What’s Open, Ignite

It’s time to get out. Together. The World According to Sound is going to transport you to a world before the pandemic in an international communal listening event. You’ll have dinner in a busy restaurant and go to a hockey game; visit a zoo, sand dunes in Oman, and a jungle in Costa Rica.

It’s an hour of surround sound, all delivered to your headphones while you shelter in place. Afterwards, creators Chris Hoff and Sam Harnett will join attendees for a live discussion about the show.  Saturday May 23, 5:30 and 8:30 p.m.

The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross

SF LIFE: Scavenger Hunt, Painting, Book Club, What’s Open, Ignite

Looking for some serenity right now? Feeling anxious or unsettled? Join KQED for a free virtual watch party for a soothing episode of “The Joy of Painting.” Let Bob Ross help you escape. If you have a canvas, paints, and brushes at home follow along as Bob paints some “Royal Majesty,” featuring a secluded waterfall deep in the mountains, standing tall and proud.

During breaks, Nic Hankins, a Certified Ross Instructor, will go deeper into Bob’s techniques and answer your questions. Or just unwind, let Bob’s cheerful spirit and assurance wash over you, and chat with fellow fans about the magnificent mountains and all the happy little accidents! Friday May 29th 3:00 p.m.  Get the details.

Two Ancient Semi-Enlightened Broads

SF LIFE: Scavenger Hunt, Painting, Book Club, What’s Open, Ignite

You will definitely want to carve out 15 minutes of your day to watch Two Ancient Semi-Enlightened Broads on YouTube. Two intriguing Tomatoes have created a darling, entertaining and uplifting series that comes out on Wednesdays. Touted as Wise Women Wednesday, they release a new “chat” each week on, you guessed it, Wednesday. They schmooze about life and beyond. Carole Simone and Dorothy Tyo are the long time friends who share their wisdom.

Simone is a sparkling individual, spiritual catalyst and author who combines teaching Meditation, Hypnotherapy and the Metaphysical Arts in her counseling services. Dorthy Tyo is the Owner/Director of the Palo Alto School of Hypnotherapy and teaches meditation and intuitive development along with hosting workshops and seminars. You will smile your way through their enlightening series. Find them on YouTube as Two Ancient Semi-Enlightened Broads.

Gardens Reopened

SF LIFE: Scavenger Hunt, Painting, Book Club, What’s Open, Ignite

Gasp with delight because three Bay Area gardens are reopening. Social Distancing and facemasks will be required, and only limited guests will be accommodated so now is your chance to stop and smell the flowers (through your masks of course)

The Gardens at Heather Farms in Walnut Creek is a local gem on a picturesque hillside. Just 2 miles from downtown, there are six acres of natural landscape to explore. Gardenshf.org

Ruth Bancroft Garden also in Walnut Creek welcomes the public back tomorrow. The world-renowned 3.5-acre garden houses a collection of succulents, both unique and beloved. http://www.ruthbancroftgarden.org

Filoli Gardens in Woodside, known for its historic home and manicured gardens along with nature trails is open. The Historic House is still closed, but the Clock Tower Shop will be open for credit card purchases only. Tickets are limited and only available on line. http://www.filoli.org

Ignite Your Inner Spark

Hey tomatoes, I am offering a 4-week online class via our favorite new platform, ZOOM.  For those tomatoes who may be feeling overwhelmed, anxious, don’t know what to do next, or want to access your inner joy?  You are invited to this play date for the soul. Through empowering experiences and exercises you will have the opportunity to step our of your comfort zone and into your inner light. And it will be fun. Begins May 27th 12 noon Pacific, $87. Email for more info: Kimduffselby@gmail.com  www.kim-selby.com


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