SF LIFE: Photos, Chocolate, Books, Acapella

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SF LIFE: Photos, Chocolate, Books, Acapella

Spring is in the air and that means time to leave the umbrellas at home and journey out. SFMOMA has an exhibition that will have you snapping selfies – Snap and Share – say cheese!  Chocolate lovers rejoince – I know there are a few of you – The SF International Salon is here. We recently discovered a new fascinating museum for book lovers – check it out. American Bookbinders Museum. Fascinated with acapella groups – or is that just me? A fun evening out watching the acapella competions is in store.

Snap and Share at SFMOMA

SF LIFE: Photos, Chocolate, Books, Acapella

Attention Instagrammers and selfie snappers: You know there is always a reason to visit SFMOMA and Snap and Share will not disappoint. This show explores the ubiquity of pictures, and of sharing them, in a society where social media has become an environment for making art and affirming one’s place in the world. SFMOMA will be the first institution to look at this phenomenon in a historical context.

Spanning the history of mail art to social networks, the show presents a variety of artists working in various media from framed paper-based art to a working refrigerator that allows participatory meme-making. This exhibition explores how networks are created through the act of sending images out into the world and just how much the networks have changed thanks to the Internet we can’t live without. SFMOMA.org


March 30. Acapella Sing Off

SF LIFE: Photos, Chocolate, Books, Acapella

Due the popularity of the Pitch Perfect movies, acapella groups are getting a lot of play. This tomato loves to sing and I am fascinated by the sounds that can be created using only vocals and no instruments. If you enjoy a good harmony, the 35th annual Harmony Sweepstakes A Capella Festival is tomorrow evening at The Palace of Fine Arts. 8 diverse groups will be showing us their vocal abilities.. The groups are as diverse as our city and performers are all ages. Ro Sham Bo, is the 2018 Bay Area Champ and they will be hosting.

Their roots are steeped in jazz and funk. There is a youth group competing as well as few featuring “tomatoes”. The Lucky Pitches is a barbershop quartet; Yes Ma’am brings three women to the stage with saucy, spicy and surprising harmonies. You will be tapping your toes and humming along! http://www.harmony-sweepstakes.com

The Book Binders Museum

SF LIFE: Photos, Chocolate, Books, Acapella

Book lovers will want to journey to the fascinating, only one if its kind in North America, museum. The Book Binders museum celebrates and explores the history, tools and stories of bookbinders and bookbinding, from its earliest forms through the changes and innovations of the industrial revolution. This weekend on Saturday you can hear a fascinating talk around the Long Live the Book exhibition.

A retrospective of five hand binders with stories and tales illustrated with slides of gorgeous bindings and diagrams of inventions. On Sunday local authors Nancy Kress and Jack Skillingstead will be reading and in conversation with bay area writer Terry Bisson. These are fascinating authors with over 38 novels and so many more published works.  Reading glasses not required! www.bookbindersmuseum.org

March 30. Chocolate Salon

For only $30 you can spend tomorrow tasting the finest chocolates at the San Francisco County Fair Building. You can savor, discover and chomp your way into a chocolate induced coma. Now remember, this is not your usual chocolate fest. It is so much more, chocolate as works of art and demos from our finest local chocolatiers.

Of course it wouldn’t be a salon without speakers and demos. One will be titled; The Pure Flavors of Vegan Chocolate– sign me up. I know we all love this one, Improving your life and wellness with Chocolate – we all known that right? A few of the experts on hand include the maker of Endorfin that features fresh coconut and coconut sugar and then there is Defonce, founded by a former Apple employee, their seed-to-bar artisanal chocolates may get you a little buzzed. A blissful day is in store. http://www.sfchocolatesalon.com


  • Kim Selby, the SF life editor of The Three Tomatoes, is your gal for info on what’s hot and happening in the beautiful bay area. Having lived on the Left Coast for 27 years, after almost a decade in NYC, she has explored and continues to have adventures all over the San Francisco area. Passionate about fashion, formerly with GLAMOUR magazine and Fashion Director at Saks Fifth Avenue , Palo Alto, Kim produced fashion shows in the bay area for over 20 years. She now creates events to empower, delight and inspire women, aka “Tomatoes”. Learn more about Kim at www.kim-selby.com

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