SF Life Insider’s Guide: Alice in Wonderland, Shakespeare, KQED Live, The Presidio

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SF Life Insider’s Guide: Alice in Wonderland, Shakespeare, KQED Live, The Presidio

We at the Three Tomatoes are always on the lookout for events or happenings that may be a little different from the usual. Enter the Alice in Wonderland adventure, it’s topsy-turvy for sure.  Live Shakespeare is back in the parks. Check out KQED’s new food show hosted by Leslie Sbrocco. The Presidio has a wonderful new photo exhibit showcasing parks across America. Check out my podcast interview this week. And watch the fun YouTube interview with “the Head Tomato.” Have a safe and enjoyable Labor Day weekend before we rush headlong into all that fall brings (i.e., pumpkin spice).


The Three Tomatoes Happy Hour

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Sept. 4-Oct. 2. View The Measure of Things: I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings

SF Life Insider’s Guide: Alice in Wonderland, Shakespeare, KQED Live, The Presidio

Toni Scott’s Maya Angelou–inspired art exhibit addresses systemic racism in the United States; opens Saturday, through October 2nd. // Minnesota Street Project, 1275 Minnesota St. (Dogpatch), minnesotastreetproject.com

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Cheryl Benton The Three Tomatoes

Richard Skipper, interviewer, entertainer, emcee, and host is celebrated Cheryl Benton (aka the head Tomato) on his YouTube show He has conducted over 1000 interviews with his warm, friendly, never gossipy and engaging style. WATCH ON DEMAND.

Now-Oct. 22. An Immersive Cocktail Adventure

SF Life Insider’s Guide: Alice in Wonderland, Shakespeare, KQED Live, The Presidio

If you are looking for an adventure that is way out of the norm, then look into “The Alice.” An immersive cocktail adventure that comes to us from Australia. It’s a 90-minute topsy-turvy journey into the magical realm of Wonderland. For those both curious and curiouser – this will be the tea party to end all tea parties.

It’s a theatrical alternate reality experience that will take you down the rabbit hole and through the looking glass. In your trip down the rabbit hole, you can expect to solve riddles and challenges, devour “Eat Me” cake, paint the roses red, create two bespoke Wonderland cocktails and so much more. Now through October 22nd. Get the details.

KQED Live Presents Rita Moreno

SF Life Insider’s Guide: Alice in Wonderland, Shakespeare, KQED Live, The Presidio

KQED has implemented a wonderful new element to their already fabulous line-up of offerings. KQED Live presents thoughtful dialogue and storytelling, performances, screenings, food experiences, and live radio and podcast shows — all onstage at their renovated headquarters in San Francisco. Coming up is the ever-energetic Rita Moreno who is featured in a new documentary, “ Rita Moreno: Just A Girl Who Decided to Go for It

You can preview the new documentary from PBS American Masters about the life and legendary career of the Oscar-winning star of West Side Story on September 25th at 7 p.m.

On September 30th you can be first to see a new season of PBS’s compelling interview series Tell Me More with Kelly Corrigan featuring episodes with comedian W. Kamau Bell and Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr.

And on October 1st. California Secretary of State Shirley Weber and former Governor Jerry Brown discuss strengthening electoral systems and achieving a more inclusive democracy.  More fascinating events can be found at Events.kqed.org

Check, Please

SF Life Insider’s Guide: Alice in Wonderland, Shakespeare, KQED Live, The Presidio

Host Leslie Sbrocco is back this fall to feed your foodie soul with a new spin-off from Check, Please! Bay Area. With You Gotta Try This! Sbrocco and guests dig into the most delectable dishes across the Bay Area (how can we sign up?)— from tasty appetizers and entrees to sinful desserts. Get the details.

These are the foods locals love so much they’ll willingly stand in even the longest lines to savor. Check, Please! You Gotta Try This! is one to watch. Check out our podcast with Leslie Sbrocco from our first season episode 22.

Photo Show at Presidio Parks

SF Life Insider’s Guide: Alice in Wonderland, Shakespeare, KQED Live, The Presidio

Presidio, Parks belong to all of us – they’re where we gather to play, celebrate, and spend time with those we care about. The free My Park Moment photo show features people from all backgrounds across America loving their favorite parks. More than 400 images are on view outdoors in the Presidio at four locations.

The selections, picked by distinguished creators and community leaders, are from everyday park goers, kids, and even professional photographers. The exhibition captures the beauty of the great outdoors and the joy that time in nature can bring. It’s always a great day at the Presidio. Hiking, picnicking and a visit to The Walt Disney Museum make for a day of adventure. Presidio.gov

Shakespeare in Our Parks

We welcome back Shakespeare to our parks and to Cal Shakes outdoor performance space, The Bruns. The sparkling new adaptation of The Winter’s Tale—Shakespeare’s exquisite reflection of our current moment is ready to wow audiences.

A story split between tragedy and comedy, between loss and healing, it’s the hope we need. This winter’s tale winds an extraordinary path from rage to redemption, resurrection to reconciliation, in a love letter to the live theater. Calshakes.org

Pericles Prince of Tyre at a Park Near You

SF Life Insider’s Guide: Alice in Wonderland, Shakespeare, KQED Live, The Presidio

Heading to a park near you is Pericles Prince of Tyre, Episode 4. Note that episodes 1 – 3 are all available to stream online. But even if you haven’t seen them, it will be such a treat to head outside with your blankets and pals and beverage of choice.

Briefly Pericles is an epic tale that holds so much of what this last year has been like. It is a journey that will forever change the traveler. When we take Pericles’ journey, we transform with him as he goes from a young cavalier suitor to a man weighed down with grief, finally emerging to rediscover the family he longed for the entire time. Head to Redwood City to watch the show September 4 – 12, McLaren Park in SF September 18 – 26th and in Cupertino October 2 – 10th. Remember we are passionate about supporting our local artists. And this wonderful event is offered to us free of charge. Tally ho tomatoes! Sfshakes.org

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