SF LIFE: Craft Fair, Virtual Travel, Michelin To Go, Improv

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SF LIFE: Craft Fair, Virtual Travel, Michelin To Go, Improv
Yosemite National Park, California

Another Friday, another weekend ahead! And thank you for your continual support of The Three Tomatoes by reading our newsletters and listening to our podcasts. We wouldn’t be here without you! We think it’s a great time to practice manifesting what you want to see in your life when we are allowed back into society!  Write it down…what have you got to lose? And here ya go, some more things to do virtually from your home, your deck, your yard! And this week’s Happy Hour Podcast is a timely one with expert advice on How to Boost Your Immune System.  

Wondering what supplements to take to boost your immune system? Listen in to my interview with groundbreaking nutritionist Lyn-Genet Recitas who shares valuable tips on how important it is to rid our bodies of inflammation especially in the time of Covid-19. Lyn-Genet is a bestselling author of the book “The Plan” which is an effective way to lose weight, improve health and get this, reverse aging! Listen in here.

Michelin starred restaurants to go?

SF LIFE: Craft Fair, Virtual Travel, Michelin To Go, Improv

Yes please. As so many restaurants have shut their dining rooms and pivoted to delivery and/or take out only, so have some of the top restaurants in the country, and we have our fair share right here. If you couldn’t get a reso or didn’t want to spend the $$$$$, now is your chance to taste some dishes from these famed chefs – even at a bargain. So pour some wine, light some candles, bring out the good china and away you go.

LORD STANLEY is offering a Main Course Meal for $33 or their House Sourdough Loaf for $12, to take away Tuesday-Saturday. If you want to treat yourself, indulge in a new collaboration concept called “Lord Jiu’s” between Lord Stanley and fellow starred restaurant Mister Jiu’s for a five-course tasting menu dinner for $100/person. http://www.lordstanleysf.com

GAP YEAR AT NICO is dishing up French comfort food to go, offered a la carte. Gapyearatnico.com

SPRUCE (along with its sister restaurant THE VILLAGE PUB in Woodside) is offering a three-course “warm-and-serve” dinner with free delivery (or pick-up) for around $25. 100% of these sales will be used to help their employees. The menu changes daily; select items like their popular burger are offered a la carte. Sprucesf.com  thevillagepub.net

SPQR is offering their comforting pasta dishes a la carte as well as several family meals made for sharing for take away. All orders come with house made focaccia bread. Plus, you can get grandma-style pizza slices for $5, available for take-away or pick-up from 2pm till they run out.  Spqrsf.com

SUSHI HASHIRI – If you’re feeling fancy, take home some Omakase, Wagyu or a Bento box to have a special night in. They even have Wagyu & Vegetable Curry Potage for only $25. Hashirisf.com

BIRDSONG, which usually offers a tasting experience starting at $200, is offering “Birdboxes” for pickup, which includes fried chicken, cornbread, and a cookie for $35, or add pie for $40. Birdsongsf.com

April 14-25. The Virtual Renegade Craft Fair

SF LIFE: Craft Fair, Virtual Travel, Michelin To Go, Improv

Are you a crafter or just love to experience unique artistry? The Renegade Craft fair is always a favorite in SF and now they are presenting their first ever Virtual Fair. To support the creative community and to provide a dynamic platform for virtual visitors, head to their website.

This is your chance to also share your artistic talents with the world. Just like their non-virtual fairs, the creativity of the artists will breathe life into the event. Be creative or watch the creative. April 24th 3 – 5 p.m. and April 25th 10 am – 1 p.m. Renegadecraft.com

Virtual Yosemite

SF LIFE: Craft Fair, Virtual Travel, Michelin To Go, Improv

Was scaling half dome on your calendar this spring?  We all know that isn’t going to happen, but if you do want to visit Yosemite all now you can do so and you can explore the park like never before. This is a groundbreaking interactive tour where you get to experience over 200 different locations within Yosemite and its surrounding areas, in all seasons.

The 360-degree interactive panoramas are all presented in high resolution so you can zoom in and out to see the details. Dizzying views of the tops of the famous cliffs and waterfalls are available and no need to worry about tumbling down. No hiking gear required; jammies are perfectly ok. Virtualyosemite.org

Improv Virtual Theatre

SF LIFE: Craft Fair, Virtual Travel, Michelin To Go, Improv

Improv is all about embracing the unexpected, so when the rules go out the window, they figure out new ones. Tonight at 8 p.m. join in for improvisation in the virtual theatre. Every week until they can reopen, the company will be doing shows to bring improve magic into our homes. The price is free but limited to the first 500 people who enter when the show link opens at 7:30. Donations are welcome.

And the link is not active until 7:30 on the night of the performance. Download Zoom if you haven’t already. Tonight’s show is Virtual Office Drama – a day in the life of an office that has moved online. Anyone relate to that? Improv.org


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