SF Life: Cherry Blossoms, Union Square Live, Bouquets, Sleep, Reboot

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Nothing says spring is in the air like Cherry Blossoms and it’s time for this annual festival of pink and white. It is that season when everyone longs to be outdoors and enjoy the sun, particularly after our wet and wild (thankfully) winter.  Discover the unexpected at Union Square Live’s free outdoor events. It is also time for one of my very favorite Museum of Fine Arts displays – Bouquets to Art. The combination of floral fantasies paired with fabulous art is a cocktail for the senses. If the time change has you in a sleep tizzy, Arianna Huffington and Sheryl Sandberg chat on the Power of Sleep! Ready to get back to work? Check out Reboot.

April 6 – May 25. Ready to Get Back Into the Work Place?

SF Life: Cherry Blossoms, Union Square Live, Bouquets, Sleep, Reboot

A lot has changed since you left the workforce. It’s time to ReBoot. Update your tech skills, increase your network and job search skills, and catalyze your confidence so you can reach new goals during our once a week, 8 Week Accelerator. Whether you are returning to work, starting your own business, or ramping up your professional skills, ReBoot is here to help you activate your goals. By the end of the 8 weeks, you’ll be current, connected and confident to return to the workforce. Plus, you’ll get the Purpose and Passion Seminar ($195 value) for free when you sign up for ReBoot’s 8 Week Spring Career Accelerator program. Get the details.

April 9 – 10, 16 – 17.  CHERRY BLOSSOM FESTIVAL

SF Life: Cherry Blossoms, Union Square Live, Bouquets, Sleep, Reboot

Japantown is the place to be when the cherry blossoms show their pretty pink buds. Sharing the beauty with natives and tourists alike, our festival has become one of the largest in the US. You can expect the traditional music, dance and culture which makes Japan unique. Food you say? Why yes, sushi, teriyaki, tempura – it’s all there. Events galore, origami, bonsai and Ikebana are a few of the offerings that will delight everyone. Don’t miss the Grand Parade on April 17, beginning at City Hall!  Get the details.

April – October. UNION SQUARE LIVE

SF Life: Cherry Blossoms, Union Square Live, Bouquets, Sleep, Reboot

You may know the area as a shopper’s heaven, but beginning this month through October, you will also find a showcase of live performances every Wednesday at 6 p.m. and Sundays at 2 p.m.  2016 marks the 14th year of free entertainment in the heart of Union Square. Comedy, classical, jazz and rock music will waft over the hustle and bustle of busy shoppers. There will be films, and international dance performances. Be on the lookout for adorable musicians under the age of 12 as well. Get the details.

 April 5 – 10.  BOUQUETS TO ART

SF Life: Cherry Blossoms, Union Square Live, Bouquets, Sleep, Reboot

If you have not been to this spectacular exhibit at the de Young Museum Golden Gate Park before, put on your comfy flats and prepare to spend hours gazing at the beauty and creativity that comes with the combination of flowers and art. This is truly something I look forward to each year. I stare in awe at the creations the talented floral artists prepare in response to existing pieces in the museum’s permanent collection. In addition to the magnificent creations that are often deceptively simple as well as elaborately intricate, there will be guest speakers, catered luncheons and pop-up discussions throughout the week. Two of the Guest speakers intrigue me: India Hicks – designer, author and entrepreneur speaking on Island Style and Carolyne Roehm, designer, decorator, author and entertainer extraordinaire speaking from her latest book. Get more details.


SF Life: Cherry Blossoms, Union Square Live, Bouquets, Sleep, Reboot

Calling all of you insomniac tomatoes. Yes, I admit, I suffer from a bit of nighttime sleeplessness and although an Ambien would do the trick, I rely on meditation and melatonin. Media darling Huffington and Facebook COO Sandberg are coming together to talk about the power and importance of getting a good night’s sleep. (Something we all know, but I want to know MORE!) Huffington recently released her new book, The Sleep Revolution: Transforming Your Life, One Night at a Time. HOORAY, she is going to tell us, (me) how to get a better night’s sleep.  The Commonwealth Club is sponsoring this event and it should be entertaining as well as enlightening with Sheryl interviewing Arianna (I like to think we are on a first name basis!) Event takes place starting at noon at the Santa Clara Convention Center. Get tickets.


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