SF LIFE: Be A Dear, Eat Drink Sf, Tacos, Short Stories, Healthy Skin

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Tomatoes don’t throw out those old brassieres that no longer fit! Be a Dear fills a need in the community with donated bras. Save your appetite because Eat Drink SF is tomorrow and bringing us all manner of delicious bites and beverages. The Tacolicious annual Guest Chef Series is now being served at the Ferry Building, read on about this weeks fantastic celebs creating your tacos. Short of something to read? There’s a vending machine serving “no calorie” short stories. Yumminess for the mind! And listen in to my podcast with healthy skin expert, Karen Ballou.

Aug. 24. Eat Drink SF

This is our premier annual food, wine and spirits festival celebrating many of the entire Bay Area’s world-class chefs and restaurants. Don’t have time to visit all the wonderful eating establishments around? Here you will find the best of the best with endless wine and cocktails under one roof.  The tastiness happens tomorrow.

So if you are a lightweight critic, or just someone who wants to devour the musings of the pros, this event is calling you. It’s not just tasting though, as there are curated experiences and programming to keep you engaged and entertained. So many things under one roof. You get to meet your favorite chefs, and maybe ask them a question or two, while mingling with other food lovers. Eatdrink-sf.com

Vital, Glowing, Healthy Skin Care Tips

Listen in to SF Editor Kim Selby’s interview with Karen Ballou, founder of an all-natural skincare line Immunocolgie, which she developed after a two-year bout with Hodgkins Lymphoma. Karen’s love of beauty began at age 10 and her 30+ year career in the beauty industry started with Elizabeth Arden. Her journey is fascinating. Get her special offer too. Listen in here or wherever you listen to podcasts.

Aug. 29. Tacos for a Good Cause

You all know that delish restaurant Tacolicious I’m sure. Mexican food served with a San Francisco point of view. Did you know it started as a taco stand at the Farmer’s Market in the Ferry Plaza? To give back to the community, in conjunction with the Cuesa nonprofit organization that grows thriving communities through the power and joy of local food, they bring you their annual guest chef series.

This coming Thursday the 29th, Michael Mina and Ayesha Curry will be serving their creative and delicious takes on the taco. From 10 – 2. Get there early to stand right up front and soak in the aromas while you learn their secrets. Proceeds from Tacolicious’s Guest Chef Series benefit CUESA’s Foodwise Teens, a paid job-training program where teens build skills to sustain healthy lives and a healthy planet. Cuesa.org

Short Story Vending Machine

Staring blankly into space while waiting in line, or at the Doctor’s office is a familiar feeling. But in many parts of France, and now in San Francisco, it’s possible to keep your mind occupied with a free short story, accessible with the simple touch of a button. The “Distributor d’Histoires Courtes” (Short  Story Vending Machine). By pushing one of three buttons you can choose the length of your story—one, three, or five minutes—which will be automatically printed out from the dispenser like a receipt. A variety of genres are represented, including humor, horror, and fairy tales, and the randomness of what kind of story you may get is part of the fun. 

Another reason for the popularity of the Short Story Vending Machine is the excitement of reading a story that wasn’t written by a widely published author, but rather by an average Jane. The database is filled with thousands of user-submitted shorts sent in by amateur writers looking to share their work with others. These short stories are then posted to the Short Edition app, where the app’s 140,000 users vote on which tales are worthy of being printed from the dispensers. You can find a Short Story Vending Machine in train stations and other locations across France, and now stateside at our own Cafe Zoetrope in San Francisco.

Be a Dear and Donate a Brassiere!

What a great concept Tomatoes, and you know I love a good alliteration. Ten years ago, two women involved with St. Vincent De Paul Society of San Mateo’s homeless center realized that there was a need in that community for women to find a bra that fits. Homelessness has so many issues, not the least of which is feeling good about yourself. Starting with a good fitting bra is the “foundation” to make that happen. So Bev and Lisa gave birth to Be a Dear.

Their mission is to impact the daily lives of women in transition by providing needed essential undergarments and activating communities to share, recycle and volunteer. So far they have donated over 30,000 bras throughout the SF Bay area. The San Jose Women’s Club has now taken ownership of this important organization and holds a yearly fundraising event in October called OctoBRAfest. There are many drop off locations where you can donate your gently used bras. You can find them all here. So Be a Dear, won’t you? https://www.facebook.com/pg/BeaDearandDonateaBrassiere/


  • Kim Selby, the SF life editor of The Three Tomatoes, is your gal for info on what’s hot and happening in the beautiful bay area. Having lived on the Left Coast for 27 years, after almost a decade in NYC, she has explored and continues to have adventures all over the San Francisco area. Passionate about fashion, formerly with GLAMOUR magazine and Fashion Director at Saks Fifth Avenue , Palo Alto, Kim produced fashion shows in the bay area for over 20 years. She now creates events to empower, delight and inspire women, aka “Tomatoes”. Learn more about Kim at www.kim-selby.com

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