Setting Relationship Boundaries

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It’s important to set healthy relationship boundaries from the beginning. Discover the five most important boundaries in this video.

When do you start setting relationship boundaries? I believe it’s never too early to be clear about your preferences with a new potential partner. Whether it’s on a first phone call or first date, setting boundaries at the start will help you weed out the wrong people and find the right partner.

5 Relationship Boundaries to Set From The First Date

(* Please watch the video for a full explanation of each of the following boundaries.)

1. Communication Preferences

2. Privacy and Sharing

3. Relationship Goals

4. Date Preferences

5. Physical Intimacy
In any dating situation, it’s important to make sure you and the other person are on the same page. Whether it’s when and how often to text or call each other or if and when you want to take things to a more intimate level, it’s all about communicating your boundaries early on. Setting healthy boundaries from the very start is essential to developing lasting, loving relationships — and going on your last first date!


  • Sandy Weiner

    Sandy Weiner, Dating Coach and Chief Love Officer of Last First Date, is devoted to helping women achieve healthy, off-the-charts love in the 2nd half of life. She’s an internationally known dating coach, blogger, radio host, communications expert, and TEDx speaker. Discover why men disappear...and how to finally attract the love you deserve.

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