Road Trips with Your Pet

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by Dr. Tori Countner

Road Trips with Your Pet

Many people are traveling with their pets this summer, which can pose some challenges. I have a separate packing list for my dogs to make sure we’re all prepared.

  • Food – Be sure to pack enough of your pet’s food or know where to get more while you are away.  There are dog food delivery services for fresh foods to send to your destination, and plenty of pet stores to pick up food!  When I travel with my dogs, I bring their fresh food, but also add in quality kibble to make sure they have enough balanced meals.  Mix in any new food you plan to supplement a few days before so they don’t get an upset stomach! Don’t forget an extra water bowl with you in the car or plane to hydrate your pet. If you run out of food, try lean meats or plain tofu, steamed veggies, fruits, rice, pumpkin puree, and potatoes to make sure they don’t go hungry 🙂
  • Familiar Bedding or Toys – If your pet gets nervous, bringing their usual bedding, toys, or familiar items can help them feel “at home”. You can also spray Canine Pheromones in your car, bedding, or blankets to help your dog adjust. A great article in Forbes Travel has tips for cats! See other natural remedies for dog anxiety here.
  • Prevent Motion Sickness – If your dog vomits or drools excessively every time they get into the car, then talk to your vet about an OTC anti-nausea medication, like Dramamine or Meclizine, or if your dog would do better on a prescription such as Cerenia. You can also give some bland food before traveling, or simple ingredient treats in the car, like rice cakes, to help settle their stomachs.
  • Wipes & Waterless Shampoo: There will be accidents or spills that occur. Having dog wipes and a waterless shampoo is an easy way to clean them up without having to give them a full bath!
  • Bug Spray – Travel during the summer usually includes lakes, mountains, beaches, woods, hiking etc which can expose us to more bugs than we are used to.  I bring Wondercide topical spray and use it on myself and my pets! There are also other great canine insect repellents from Kin + Kind and Dr. Harveys.
  • Benadryl – Speaking of bugs, bees are out during the summer, and can sting your pets!  Giving 1mg per pound of body weight to your pet if they get stung by a bee, or have multiple bug bites, can help decrease the itch and inflammatory response.  Take your pet to the vet if they are stung around the mouth, head, if they vomit, or the bee sting causes swelling or any adverse reactions!
  • Seat Belt – Buckle in your dog so they don’t fly forward if you have to stop suddenly in the car! This will also prevent them from trying to sit in your lap while driving. Seat belts save lives!

Hope you all have smooth, safe, and fun travels!!

-Dr. Tori

Dr. Tori of Balanced Pet Vet educates pet lovers on how to care for their animals in a simple, realistic way!

The Balanced Pet Vet

Founded by Tori Countner, DVM, The Balanced Pet Vet treats the whole pet, not just the illness or ailment they are enduring. By combining Natural methodologies and Western Medicine, this approach pushes the boundaries of traditional veterinary care and challenges the status quo.

We love our fury friends. And here's some great advice from some pet experts.

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We love our fury friends. And here's some great advice from some pet experts.

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