Natural Flea Prevention

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Natural Flea Prevention

by Dr. Tori, the Pet Vet

Its flea and tick season here and prevention is the best way to stop these bugs from invading your home and animals. I use Rx Flea & Tick meds when needed, but by implementing these tactics, I’ve decreased the frequency in which I use them. If you have a current flea infestation, it can take 1-3 months to fully rid your house of fleas, so hang in there!

See below for a few natural products and tips to combat fleas and ticks.

  1. Treat Your Yard – Neighborhood cats, animals, bushes/plants can attract fleas and ticks in your own back yard. I use Wondercide Natural Sprays to help decrease the flea and tick load that can easily affect my own dogs. You can also sprinkle Diatomaceous Earth (DE) – FOOD grade, not pool grade – on your yard and patio areas. DE dehydrates the insects, which kills them, so remember that it will injure all insects in the area you place it in.
  2. Topical Sprays or Wipes – Apply natural repellent sprays or easy to use wipes to your pet’s coat before going outside, or before each hike, dog park play, or fetch in outdoor areas. I use Kin + Kind, Wondercide Wipes and Spray, or Dr. Harvey’s Repellent.
  3. Shampoos – Bathing your pet after a hike to remove ticks and fleas can be extremely beneficial. I use Pure and Good Shampoos, Kin + Kind, or any dog shampoo that thoroughly washes their coat and skin.
  4. Baltic Amber Necklace – I’ve had varied success with this, but I always use it in combination with other bug control measures. The necklace creates electrostatic properties when rubbed against your pet’s fur, which makes it difficult for fleas and ticks to attach to animals. Over time it also emits an odor that repels fleas! It has to be worn 24/7 for at least a month before the start of flea season to properly work. Make sure it is pure Baltic Amber – see this site for more info on ordering.
  5. Home Cleaning – This is extremely important! Vacuum high traffic areas consistently, especially along base boards and in corners of rooms. Wash bedding, blankets, toys etc every few days to stop the life cycle of the flea eggs. Wondercide has natural products for in home care. You can use Diatomaceous Earth indoors, but it will get dusty so be sure to let it settle before using the area again. It can take 1-3 months to fully rid your house of fleas, so hang in there!
  6. Flea Busters – Sometimes the big guns have to be called in! FleaBusters is a company that understands the importance of treating your home without harsh chemicals. If you have a flea or bug infestation, these are your people to call.

Hope these tips help you and your family!


Dr. Tori

Dr. Tori of Balanced Pet Vet educates pet lovers on how to care for their animals in a simple, realistic way!

The Balanced Pet Vet

Founded by Tori Countner, DVM, The Balanced Pet Vet treats the whole pet, not just the illness or ailment they are enduring. By combining Natural methodologies and Western Medicine, this approach pushes the boundaries of traditional veterinary care and challenges the status quo.

We love our fury friends. And here's some great advice from some pet experts.

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We love our fury friends. And here's some great advice from some pet experts.

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