Renewal Summit 2019

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Anne Akers and Cheryl Benton are excited to co-host the third Renewal Summit – an all-day fun, informative, and inspiring event.  This year’s theme is “Your Best Life Is Here!” and will provide inspiration for loving your life now. Get your tickets now.

Date:  Saturday May 11 from 9AM to 4 PM.

Venue: The Center, 208 W. 13th Street, New York City

Tickets:  PRICE $99 . (includes snacks, lunch, panels, speakers, exhibits


Speakers, Moderators

Cheryl Benton, Founder/Publisher The Three Tomatoes

Anne Akers, 3T Health & Beauty Editor, Founder/editor Glow Magazine

Dr. Robi Ludwig, nationally known psychotherapist and award-winning reporter

Debra Duneier, Feng Shui expert, founder EcoChi

Sheila B. Josephson, therapist, declutter expert

Andrew Mellen, global expert on organizing and productivity

Merrill Stone, Gerontologist

Beatty Cohan, Nationally Recognized psychotherpist, author, speaker

Brooks Kenny

Executive Director, Us Against Alzheimer's

Lisa Feiner, Founder Sharp Again Naturally

Dianne Devitt, event architect, author, speaker

Helene Shalotsky, award winning teacher, blogger, author

Leslie Kuster, Founder & CEO of Back From Bali

Lisa Oz, New York Times bestselling author, wellness and relationship expert

Jane Hanson, Emmy Award winning journalist

Karen Ballou, Founder Immunocologie skin care

Dr. Daryl Gioffre, celebrity nutrionist, author "Get Off Your Acid"

Roni Jenkins, Partner The Three Tomatoes

Wanda Radetti, founder Tasteful Croatian Journeys

Gabriella Constestabile, founder Su Misura Journeys, author

Sheryl Kayne, travel and food writer

Sonia Satra, Founder/CEO Moticise

Carol Sue Gershman, author, singer adventurerer

Program Overview

9:15 to 10:00 amCheck-in, coffee, visit exhibitors

10:00 to 10:30 Welcome/Opening Speakers

  • Welcome from co-hosts Cheryl Benton & Anne Akers
  • Fireside Chat:  “Busting the Myths of Midlife.” Dr. Robi Ludwig, psychotherapist, award winning reporter, author “Your Best Age is Now” chats with Cheryl Benton, founder/publisher The Three Tomatoes

10:30 to 11:15 Secrets of Glowing Beauty, Health & Wellness

Learn the secrets of a “healthy body, glowing beauty and positive spirits” and what gives some women that glow that comes only from beauty from the inside out with our STAR panelists.

Moderator Jane Hanson, Emmy Award winning journalist

  • Karen Ballou, founder Immunocologie, natural skin care products
  • Lisa Oz, New York Times bestselling author, wellness and relationship expert
  • Dr. Daryl Gioffre, celebrity nutritionist, author of “Get off Your Acid”

11:15 to NOON Declutter Your Life from the Inside Out 

Decluttering your life can bring a sense of calm and focus, from your home environment to the workplace. And have you considered the psychological
aspects of clutter and why some people cling so tightly to those items “that
do not bring joy”? Our panel explores these fascinating issues.

Moderator Anne Akers, Health/Beauty Editor The Three Tomatoes; Founder/Editor Glow Magazine

  • Debra Duneier, Feng Shui/Eco-Shui expert
  • Andrew Mellen, Professional Organizer, Time Management Expert
  • Sheila Bloom Josephson, Psychologist

12:00 to 12:45 – Lunch/visit exhibitors

12:45 TO 1:00 Get Moving/Raffle Tickets

  • with Sonia Satra, Founder, CEO Moticise

12:45 to 1:30 The Pillars of Emotional Being and Brain Health

Mental and emotional well-being is essential to overall health and allows people to realize their full potential and a true “joie de vivre” that we all seek. The implications of decreased mental health is directly linked to Alzheimer’s and dementia. Our panel of experts will share the latest info.

Moderator Merrill Stone, Gerontologist

  • Beatty Cohan, nationally recognized Psychotherapist, author and speaker
  • Lisa Feiner, Co-founder and Chair of Sharp Again Naturally
  • Brooks Kenny, Executive Director, Women Against Alzheimer’s

1:30 to 2:15 My Mother/Myself


Celebrating the weekend of Mother’s Day, we will explore the joys and challenges of motherhood, through the decades, as well as that moment when the roles reverse and our daughters, and sons, become the “caretakers”.

Moderator Dianne Devitt, Event Planner, Speaker Author

  • Mother & Daughter Cheryl Benton & Roni Jenkins
  • Mother & Daughter Helene Shalotsky & Robi Ludwig
  • Mother & Daughter: Carol Sue Gershman and Leslie Kuster

2:15 to 2:45 Get Moving/Visit Exhibitors

  • with Sonia Satra, Founder, CEO Moticise

2:45 to 3:30 PM Building Your Thrill List: Food and Travel Adventures

If you are a “foodie”, a doer, a travel adventurer or just passionate about life and having a good time, this panel is for you as we share with you adventures…at home and abroad…that are sure to thrill you!! 

Moderator Roni Jenkins, partner The Three Tomatoes

  • Wanda Radetti, Croatia Travel Expert
  • Gabriella Constestabile, Italy expert, author
  • Sheryl Kayne, travel and food writer

3:30 to 3:45 Wrap up and closing remarks

Sponsors & Exhibitors

Natural Source International.  Drawing on 40 years of pioneering environmental medicine research conducted by Dr. Mirko Beljanski, Natural Source International has developed a unique expertise, bringing together science and nature, to deliver tested formulas that promote health and well-being.

IMMUNOCOLOGIE is a natural luxury skincare line. Our foundations rooted in one woman’s personal journey. Following a diagnosis of cancer, and with over 30 years of experience in the skincare industry, Karen Ballou understood that the skin is the first line of the body’s immunological defense – and wanted to create a skincare offering as luxurious as it is healthy, natural and effective. Our products uniquely focus on the source of the skin’s performance and wellbeing, giving you the best quality product and with the skin results you deserve. 

Rochelle Odesser. Everybody has a story! Rochelle is a financial advisor and coach who helps people get more life out of their money.  She helps her clients get their financials in order, to be able to pay off debt, manage their resources to live their life of their dreams.

Article22 is a sustainable brand of jewelry made in Lao that celebrates positive stories and makes real impact.  Turning bad into beautiful aluminum bomb shrapnel is finished with precious metals and stones by fair trade artisans.

Simona Manenti. Extraordinary Artist, Healer and Medium, Simona will exhibit her intuitive portrait of Angelic Soul Essence and inner beauty. Guided by her Spirit guides, she paints what she sees of other worldly beings and people’s energy bodies. She uses the same abilities during her profoundly Healing Sessions and will be offering mini healing sessions at the exhibit as well.”

Essence of Vali is a NYC based aromatherapy company.  President and Founder, Valerie Bennis, a certified aromatherapist is known for creating highly effective formulas that smell great and appeal to women, men and children of all ages. The line consists of ten formulas with various delivery systems.  Essence of Vali is most known for their line of Sleep Products as they address a common issue in a safe and gentle manner.

Revitin® is the World’s First Prebiotic Toothpaste. Based on the idea that your oral cavity is an extension of your digestive system, Revitin® prebiotic toothpaste works to support a healthy microbiome.

Stacy Kessler Accessories is fashion brand emerged out of her lifelong passion for art, fashion, and dance. Her desire to provide a sustainable, affordable product while offering style to her consumers is her main goal. Keeping social consciousness in mind combined with the backing of PETA, the brand is also charitable and made of vegan leather! Thinking about what she was missing in her handbag repertoire Stacy Kessler was inspired to make elegantly crafted American Made, unadorned clutches. Designed for the girl on the go, day to night, with a detachable chain, the collection is offered in a variety of colors, in 2 sizes, Mini & Maxi, the perfect fit for a tablet or notebook. Wall Street Journal. New (Lower) Price for a Luxury Bag. Binkely, C. (July 27, 2016).

Promotion Partners

Beauty in a Bag, The Transition Network, Superbwoman, Driven Professionals


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3 Responses

  1. Ella Newman says:

    Cheryl and Anne, I am so disappointed that I will have to miss this fun event. So many wonderful speakers! I am hosting an event in CT that same day and am committed to being there. This was planned quite some time ago. You event will be fantastic I am sure!

  2. Jade Young says:

    Hi! I’m a post midlife creative professional woman who lives in Hawaii and loooove your emails and website. I’m in my Third Act as Jane Fonda discusses in her excellent TedTalk. I went to listen in on Robi Ludwig’s “Busting Midlife Myths” and the volume was so low I couldn’t hear a thing, even with a small bose speaker attached to my laptop. If there’s a way you could increase the volume so it’s more audible, that would be so very welcome and wonderful! Or, if there could be a written transcript of her talk. Though I can’t attend the Renewal Summit, I can feel the JUICE AND JOY of it through the airwaves! Thank you for all the INSPIRATION! May it ripple out to all who need to hear this.

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