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As we head in to a much cooler week it might be a good time to check out the brand spankin’ new Sepulveda Recreation Center Inclusive Playground with your kids or grandkids before school starts. If you are having one of those days when you feel like a relic then just visit The Relic Museum and you will feel much better.  badaboom! It really is a pop culture marvel.  The majority of us want to do good. Well, I just discovered the Do Good Bus who does just that in a really unique way.  Join us on September 19th for The Three Tomatoes Film Series. Hint…hint…hint! You don’t want to miss this gals.

Pop Culture Museum 

Relicks Museum, LA Around Town, The Three TomatoesValley Relics Museum is definitely a hidden gem that is a delight and it’s not only free but family friendly. This is a private non-profit organization with an endeavor to preserve and protect local history and artifacts while educating the public on the rich history of The San Fernando Valley. Boy oh boy this vast wonderland of Valley memories, going back 100 years, fulfills that promise many times over.

It’s a unique and one of a kind journey through The San Fernando Valley’s and surrounding area’s past. Featuring vintage neon signs, classic cars, rare documents, photos, yearbooks, memorabilia, menus, art, clothing, vintage BMX bicycles and much more! Relics can be super special and unique ladies so it is aptly named.

Open Saturdays from 10am-3pm

Valley Relics Museum
21630 Marilla St.
Chatsworth CA 91311

Sepulveda Recreation Center Inclusive Playground 

LA Playground, LA Around Town, The Three TomatoesThis playground just opened tomatoes and is built with kids of every age and ability in mind.  Yippee!  It is said to be magically creative and boasts to even have two zip lines for young and old. That zip line has my name on it! Plus an educational area, play areas with musical instruments and a merry go round. Sounds like a wonderful way to spend time with the kids or grandkids.  This new playground is all about fun, travels and adventures tomatoes.

Do Good Bus

Do Good Bus, LA ARound Town, The Three TomatoesYep it is true, a Do Good Bus exists and I think it is just an awesome way to “Do Good”. Their mission  is “to give individuals an opportunity to get involved together, to do GOOD together and learn more about their community.”  Think…strangers + bus + do good = fun! There’s a community ride every month, you can arrange to ride with your business colleagues or you can host one yourself.   Do Good Bus promises altruistic adventurism by bringing people together to help local causes in a fun and social environment. During each event, Do Good Bus strives to create awareness for local causes, create community amongst volunteers and prove the power of working together to make a difference. Hey maybe we’ll do a 3T Do Good Bus Event! Sounds good to me!

To get a better sense of what they do, watch the video.



Check in every Friday to get fun ideas on things to do in LA from events to fundraisers, and lots of free things to do too.

LA Around Town

Check in every Friday to get fun ideas on things to do in LA from events to fundraisers, and lots of free things to do too.

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