Rediscover Your Style Post Pandemic

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How has your style been during the pandemic? Did you get dressed to keep things feeling ‘normal’? Or did you default to sweatpants and leggings most of the time? Or was it a combination of both? It was definitely a combo for me – and I’m thinking it may have been for you, too. But now that vaccinations are here and it feels like the world is opening up, it’s time to start getting dressed again.

But getting dressed may be a bit challenging. It might feel uncomfortable (literally and figuratively). It will definitely take a while to get used to it. And you might need some time to refamiliarize yourself with what’s in your closet and the feeling of wearing regular clothes again (I really wanted to call this article ‘how to enjoy getting dressed after a year in sweatpants’ – that’s a fun title, right?).

So, here’s what I’m suggesting. Follow (all or some of) my 5 tips below so that you can get back into the groove of presenting yourself on purpose. Read how to do it without overwhelm – and in a way that feels completely authentic to where you are now. 

Rediscover Your Style Post Pandemic


I know that you may not want to hear this, but the best place to start rediscovering your style is in your closet. Why?

You might have forgotten about a few things if you haven’t visited parts of your closet for over a year.

You want to be familiar with what you have to avoid any post-pandemic repeat buying.

You may have some new needs with evolving or shifting priorities.

The first thing you need to do is figure out what fits. If you’ve gained or lost pandemic pounds, you need to figure out what fits your body. If your work life has evolved during the pandemic, you need to see what fits your schedule. If other things have shifted, you need to discover what fits your new priorities. And then you can place all the best fitting, most useful and your favorite pieces in accessible, visible locations in your closet. (And if you need a more comprehensive closet review, read this for 5 steps to detox your closet.)


Creating outfits for days at the office or dinner with friends might have been a no-brainer before the pandemic. But it will probably take a little extra time now, since you’re out of practice. So, give yourself time to get dressed, even for your daily activities.

Lay out your outfits the night before. Because 5 minutes at night can save 15 minutes the next morning. And if that feels like too much, do what I do – pull your outfit before you jump in the shower. Creating space between picking out what you’re wearing and putting it on will still yield better consequences that deciding your look while you’re in the process of getting dressed.

For important occasions, pull your outfit weeks before (like for a job interview or a friend’s wedding) – so you don’t have any last minute surprises. No one wants to discover a broken heel 10 minutes before you’re supposed to leave for your cousin’s birthday party.

A great outfit can help you have a great day. Think about that for a second. So, planning your outfit is like planning to have a great day – and isn’t that what we all want?

Rediscover Your Style Post Pandemic


This is the less glamorous side of getting dressed, but it’s totally necessary. Because the last thing you want is to discover a missing button when you grab the jacket you haven’t worn for a year. So, as you’re going through your closet, check for stains, tears and wear – and then deal with these in a timely manner. And here are a few more ideas around caring for your clothes that will extend their life in general, let alone make it easier to get dressed after a pandemic.

Clean/treat stains in a timely manner, so something little doesn’t become something big (or unfixable!).

Deal with alterations – you know those pants that you never got hemmed? Or the top that’s always been a little big? One post-pandemic trip to the tailor can help you enjoy your clothes so much more.

Let your clothes breathe. And I mean physically breathe by not cramming them into your closet. Or else all the care and maintenance you’ve done may feel like a moot point when everything you own is wrinkled when you pull it out of the closet.

Care for your shoes. The simplest thing to do is to not wear the same pair 2 days in a row, to give your shoes a chance to recover. And while you’re at it, treat them with stain/water protectant at minimum once a season (once a month if they’re in constant rotation).


If you feel completely uninspired for getting dressed after a year in sweatpants, it’s time to find some post-pandemic style inspiration. Check out your favorite bloggers or scroll social media or visit Pinterest or even think of your friends whose style you admire. And then take a little time to figure out why you like their outfits – whether it’s the color, shape, how it’s put together or the overall vibe. And if you want to find out exactly how I show clients to find inspiration, click here.

Rediscover Your Style Post Pandemic


If you truly want to rediscover your style after the pandemic, don’t leave outfit making to just 5 minutes in the morning between the kids’ breakfast and your first Zoom call (I know I said this already, but it’s worth repeating). Here are a few ideas to create outfits after a year at home:

Treat your closet like a store and shop your closet. Look at these 3 strategies to get you started.

Get out of your rut – especially if you’ve been wearing the same outfit combo (leggings, t-shirt and cardigan) for months. Check this out for a few ways to shake up what you’ve been wearing.

When you’re wearing an outfit you love, take a quick selfie – and then store these in a file in your phone for future reference.

And if your outfits still aren’t inspiring or they don’t feel as stylish as you’d like, read a handful of style secrets I share with my clients.

Rediscovering your style after the pandemic (and getting out of sweatpants) can feel like a daunting task. But you don’t have to do it alone. I’ve helped many clients rediscover their style through virtual sessions designed to reignite your style, figure out what is (and isn’t) working in your closet and create fun outfits with what you already own. Click here to read about all my virtual services or just email me to schedule a free introductory call. LET’S WORK TOGETHER!


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