Poetry from our Tomato Poets

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Our Tomato poets take us on a  poetic journey that explores the intricacies of life, its joys, sorrows, and the beauty that resides within. Enjoy this lyrical voyage, where words dance and emotions sing, unraveling the tapestry of human existence.

Years Without Travel

Here I am now

In this strange new world

Having dinner at 11PM

Have I missed anything?

I don’t think so

But let’s see what happens next

~Stephanie Sloane, author “Dear Me”

Don’t Look Too Close

It’s a gorgeous summer day and I wanted to think,

To sit in a cafe’ with an ice cold drink,

To contemplate this crazy life I lead,

And decide what it is I really need.

Love people watching, it’s a fun activity,

As long as it’s not filled with any negativity,

I’m watching, judging and thoroughly engaged,

As the girls walk by in outfits cleverly staged,

The clothing,  bright colors with greens and pink,

Some hems too high worn with heels that clink,

Good posture, chests out they’re proud to show,

Graceful girls seeming to sway to and fro,

I’m not a girl anymore, no real complaints,

Just a little too many imaginary constraints,

What’s wrong with dressing too young right now,

I feel young, carefree, not an old house frau,

Yet, I’m older than most of those l see,

The years have suddenly flown by me,

Where have they gone, what is left undone,

Has all been accomplished under the sun?

No, there is much to do to seek and find,

Challenges are there to tackle in kind,

I don’t  want to give up on knowledge to learn,

Self respect is still there to seek and to earn.

Growing older is a privilege not to regret,

Just wish it would slow down so I do not fret,

About the new wrinkles every day I get,

Every time I look in the damn mirror!

~ Carol Ostrow, author, “Poems from My Pandemic Pen”


White driven soft snow with no direction had fallen

On a cold settled January bitter remorseless day

And I left a familiar road to go crawlin’

Along this path with bare trees that was called Destination Way.

Under soft clouds and a crisp defined blue high sky

I left small footprints and then saw a face in a window

Reminding me it was a time long ago that I had said good-bye

To that old streetlight which was still there to curate a change to sow.

~Marjorie J.Levine, author “Road Trips”


We keep travelling

like parallel lines,

deep cracks in the universe,

the depths of our history

absorbed in the uneven

but unending grooves

in the dirt.

Sometimes weeds sprout

from our wrecked earth

and sometimes

beautiful bold geraniums blossom,

handsome and sturdy.

One day perhaps

our tunneled ecosystems will cross

and a vibrant fuchsia magnolia tree

will bloom and renew

with the eternity of each spring.

~ Nicole Freezer Rubens, The Long Pause and the Short Breath

Caesar’s Garden

You don’t want to deal with imaging and hospitals
Whether patient or visitor
There is a nirvana in one
Breezes caress the sunshine
Counted the bird houses
Numbered seven
Mother Nature’s son keeps it blooming filled with peace, tranquility and greenery
He tends to his garden
Reminding you to take it easy
You can hear the collective sigh as you take it in
It sweetens the soul as a sanctuary should
Will wild turkeys  come by?
Will the skunk grace you with his or her presence?
This precious oasis in the little utopia
A little piece of Walden
Thoreau would approve of
Caesar’s Garden
~Madlyn Epstein Steinhart, author, “Put Your Boots on and Dance in the Rain,” and “Beautiful Heart”


  • Poet Laureats

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