Palazzo Pants for Summer

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Palazzo pants are back for summer and look feminine and comfy. Get them in a lightweight billowy fabric and you’ll be cool on hot summer days. Dress them up or dress them down. Great for travelling too. Wear them with a strappy sandal, flat or with a heel. Fitted and semi-fitted tops like tees look great with them.

Get Your Flamingos on

Palazzo Pants for Summer

How cute are this wide leg, high waits pants? Lightweight polyester.  $17.99 Amazon.

Get Your Paisley On

Palazzo Pants for Summer

These high waisted ultra light palazzo pants have pockets too. Waist is elastic and fabric is premium stretch.  $19.95 Amazon.

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Floral Print Silk Palazzo Pants

Palazzo Pants for Summer

An antique floral print underscores the vintage charm of these flowy pajama-style silk trousers detailed with bright side-seam piping. $395. Nordstrom.

Comfy and Casual

Palazzo Pants for Summer

Chiffon, peony big flower print, 100% Polyester. Soft, breathable and comfortable.  $23. Amazon.

Palazzo Jeans

Palazzo Pants for Summer

This wide leg jeans are soft and stretch for comfort too. Tonal braiding details the ultra-high waist of these swishy ’70s-inspired jeans. $275. Nordstrom.

Printed Long Palazzo Pants

Palazzo Pants for Summer

These very cute palazzo pants come in several different prints, solids, and colors.  Many positive reviews. The high waist can be rolled down too. $23. Amazon.


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  1. Gabriella says:

    Fabulous choices! Palazzo pants are my go-to this summer for almost every occasion. They look beautiful, feel cool and airy even on the hottest days and remind me of old movies with Elizabeth Taylor and Rita Hayworth. Go big or go home as they say!

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