NYC LIFE: Exciting Openings, Music, Mom & Pop Shops, Events

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NYC LIFE: Exciting Openings, Music, Mom & Pop Shops, Events
Photo Credit: Michael Grimm

There are so many exciting things happening in NYC, like the opening of the much-anticipated Little Island, a beautiful new park, and the opening of Le Pavillion, the hottest new restaurant in town! And NYC’s first and only floating Mexican restaurant just opened too! Valerie Smaldone has the scoop on a new musical album, Little Black Book, about the life and times of Heidi Fleiss, aka the Hollywood Madam. Our roving photographer pays tribute to our Mom and Pop shops which need our support! And sign up for our next ZOOM Event on Personal Branding.

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Support Our Mom and Pop Shops

The Mom and Pop Shops that remain in NYC stand out and add character to their streets. These small businesses are independent or family owned and are often passed down from generation to generation. I am fascinated by the storefronts which almost always include vintage signage and lots of neon. These stores have continuously supported their neighborhoods, some since the 1850’s! Several did not survive the Covid crisis. We should support them as they distinguish our unique city. 

NYC LIFE: We ❤️New York City

Our roving photographer, Nicole Freezer Rubens is the author of “The Long P:ause and the Short Breath,” photos and poetry from NYC’s pandemic.

Little Island Now Open: A “Whimsical Oasis”

Photo credit Michael Grimm

We are so excited to visit Little Island which opened yesterday. This new, free public park at 13th Street in Hudson River Park provides serene spaces to explore, new venues for live performances and cultural events, and unique vantage points to view the surrounding area. Huge thanks to Barry Diller and Diane von Furstenberg whose family foundation provided almost all of the funding. 

With its own independent arts programming set to begin in June, Little Island will host hundreds of local artists and performers, and offer free programming for visitors of all ages. Components of the park, nestled among more than 350 species of flowers, trees and shrubs, include a 687-seat amphitheater (“The Amph”), a central plaza with seating and serving food and beverages (“The Play Ground”), an intimate stage and lawn space (“The Glade”), and dazzling views of the park, New York City, and the Hudson River.

The landscape design was led by Signe Nielsen of MNLA, and provides a visually surprising and inspiring experience as visitors walk across the park. The plantings are varied to provide an environment that changes with the seasons, with flowing trees and shrubs, fall foliage and evergreens. More than 66,000 bulbs and 114 trees have been planted, some of which will grow to 60 feet tall.

There will be performances and educational programming six days a week, with offerings from music, dance, circus, spoken word, and more. Programming ranges from surprise performances with local performers to special events with renowned New York City arts organizations.

Le Pavillion, NYC’s Hottest New Restaurant

NYC LIFE: Exciting Openings, Music, Mom & Pop Shops, Events
Photos courtesy of SL Green Realty

David Bouloud’s Le Pavillion, which the New York Post calls “The most important new restaurant in NYC history” opened its doors this week. Located in the new Vanderbilt Tower next to Grand Central.

NYC LIFE: Exciting Openings, Music, Mom & Pop Shops, Events
Photos courtesy of SL Green Realty

The 11,000 square foot setting, with 57-foot ceilings and a nature-inspired design is described as gorgeous, with a four-sided 46-seat bar with views of the Chrysler Building, and a classical menu that includes “Oysters Vanderbilt.” Hopefully, it will help signal the resurgence of midtown. Get details.

A Floating Mexican Restaurant

NYC LIFE: Exciting Openings, Music, Mom & Pop Shops, Events

Here’s another grand opening. La Barca Cantina is New York City’s first and only floating Mexican restaurant! They’ll be sailing 4 days a week and offering a menu full of Mexican-inspired street food, tequila, mezcal, signature cocktails and of course, breathtaking views of the New York skyline! Get the details.


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