Looking Good While Layering Up

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by Allison Hamilton-Rohe, Daily Outfit

How can you continue your exercise outdoors despite the colder temperatures?

As a former outdoor education instructor, I know a lot about layering and wearing the right fabrics.  As a stylist, I’ll be sure you’ll look good doing it!

Plus, it’s a great way to buoy your mood and fight any anxiety you might be feeling during these challenging times.

  • Base Layer.  When exercising outdoors, the most important thing is to have a wicking layer next to your body so that you stay dry and warm.  For my walkers, I’ve got a crew neck base layer, since the fleece layer is a funnel neck.  For my runners, I’ve chosen a wool half-zip for warmth on the neck and body since the next layer is just a windbreaker.
  • Weather Protection.  When you’re walking, you need to stay warm, so a fleece layer plus a shell or insulated coat for protection from the wind, rain or snow is the way to go.  When you’re running, you want to start out feeling a little chilly, so that when you warm up, you don’t need to strip layers, so a windbreaker is just right.  Add a hat and gloves depending on the temps.
  • Leggings/Tights.  The key to getting outside in the Winter is changing up your leggings to fleece-lined ones.  These are so cozy and feel great going on!
cold weather walking outfit
running outfit cold weather

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