LA Style Stories: Vintage Shopping

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LA Style Story: Vintage Shopping

My friend, Hope, owns a fabulous vintage shop, Hanging With Hope, and it just so happens to be walking distance from my house. While on a shopping trip in Spain, she posted a photo of this skirt, Dimri, and I said, “it’s mine”. This is a total statement piece with its beautiful scenic print in shades of brown and green, the contrast colours of the sequin embellishment, and it’s a full circle skirt. Being as short as I am you’d think the fullness of the skirt would be a deterrent, but it has no pleating or gathering at the waist. It’s a pretty straight drop to the fullness at the bottom. I tried it on – loved it! And I had the perfect off-white vintage cropped blouse, McInery of Honolulu, hanging in my closet to wear with it.

Don’t you love when you see it all in your head? As for shoes, a pair of strappy high sandals would look great, but I prefer my flat t-straps, Sam Edelman, that look so effortless and carefree. I’m using the extra-long length of my South Sea Pearl/leather necklace to trick the eye into moving vertically which helps me look a little taller. It all comes together with my straw hat, Lanzom Hats, and straw bag, Bohemia Marrakech. They feel so perfectly organic like they were made for this kind of look. One of the things I love most about vintage clothing and accessories is their history. I always wonder where they came from and who owned them first. Hope may have found this skirt in Spain, but it was made in India, a Country very near and dear to my heart and that makes it even more special.

style-tip: you can find some incredible pieces when you shop vintage and you’re supporting small business – that’s a good thing.

LA Style Story: …more Vintage Shopping

If Spring and Summer were defined by a dress… it would be this dress, Calart Imports. It’s another treasure I was lucky to find at Hanging With Hope. This dress from the 60s, is everything! To start…this particular silhouette is flattering on everyone. The delicate silk chiffon fabric is as light as a feather and has beautiful movement. Unfortunately, it’s a hazy day so you can’t see how truly beautiful the print is with its vibrant and muted flowers. The entire dress is embellished with delicate hand sewn beads and sequins that outline and define the shape of each flower.

Back in the 60s, his kind of labor-intensive hand sewn embellishment came only from Hong Kong and cost a small fortune. I’m so grateful that whoever had it before me handled it with such great care. I’ve styled it with a pair of purple satin sling backs, Shein, a vintage white beaded bag, a lavender jade bracelet and a delicate strand of pearls with a yellow citrine and diamonds. I love how this whole look came together and how I feel wearing it. The beauty of vintage, for me are the body styles the fabrics and the attention paid to the often laborious detailing. These garments actually show us where they were in time and I find that fascinating.

style-tip: you can find some incredible pieces when you shop vintage and you’re supporting small business – that’s a good thing

*please treat your wardrobe well. many people worked very hard to get it to you.


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