LA Style Stories: Springshine

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Nothing says “Springshine” style like spring, Tomatoes. LA Fashion Stylist, Felicia Arlin, is full of surprises and inspiration in “Springshine Part 1 & 2” when elaborating on how incredibly versatile and, of course, stylish a sequin skirt can be when worn during the day. Remember, I only highlight a snippet of Felicia’s amazing cur8edme posts so be sure to follow her on Instagram.

LA Story: Springshine (part 1)

The party is never over if you know how to adjust your Holiday sparkle pieces by taking them waaaaaay down.  Here’s how… my silver sequin midi-skirt, Zara, gets a whole new look with a crisp white oversized poplin blouse, H&M, and some slip-on kicks, Blowfish. The longer midi-skirt under the larger long blouse create a flattering shape that allows my short curvy self to appear somewhat tall and lean even with the flat sneakers. The reason is both pieces lack movement so their dimensions and shape stay intact.

Since details count, I’ve shaped my floral print scarf, Oscar de la Renta, into a rosette to wear as a choker rather than a regular tie. It looks more feminine soft with a light daytime feel. My grey pearl necklaces get wrapped into a chunky haphazard looking bracelet for some weighty grounding contrast. An over-the-top ankle-bracelet, Melinda Maria Jewelry, ties back to my shiny skirt and my, vintage, beaded handbag, like the scarf brings adds another softer feminine element to the mix. All of my pieces come together in a fun streetwear look that screams, Springshine! 

style-tip: finding the right balance between your contrasting fabrics textures and shapes is crucial when toning down the sparkle for daytime.

Style Story: Springshine (part 2)

The party continues for my apricot sequins pencil skirt, Amazon. I’ve surrounded it with a few easy pieces for a daytime casual, Springshine, look. My loose black cashmere V-neck sweater, Bloomingdales, gets a front-tuck for the right shape and proportion for my body. This kind of, tuck, is very sportswear driven and can alter our perception of a skirt that is for the most part an evening item.

I’m wearing a black cotton bandana headscarf, old world, style, tied at the back of the neck under my hair, that together with my earrings looks carefree yet chic. I’ve specifically chosen these patent leather/cork sandals, Birkenstock, for their combination of shiny and dull materials and for a more structured heavier feel. Same with my handbag, Carla Mancini, its dull finish and large structured shape have a weightier and more casual look. My, Springshine, style looks effortlessly pulled together because of my laser focus on fabric texture and shape.

style-tip: understanding “why” certain item choices are better than others is the key to this and every well styled look.

*please treat your wardrobe well. many people worked very hard to get it to you.


  • Felicia Arlin

    Felicia Arlin’s work as a stylist and costume designer has been featured in print, tv, film and on the red carpet. As a 20+ year veteran designer/merchandiser in the LA/NY garment industry her work has graced the racks of every major department store and specialty chain in the country. She is passionate about helping women look and feel confident no matter their age, shape or socioeconomic status. Her hope is to empower other women by sharing some of the things she’s learned along the way to better cultivate and express their own individual and ageless style.

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