LA Style Stories: In the Mix & Sparkle

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LA Story: In the Mix


To me, pattern mixing is more of a tall person’s game, but my subtle version seems to bring the best out of both my pinstripe blouse and floral print skirt. Because I’m small, there’s not a lot of open space to cover and I can easily be consumed by my garments even with higher heels. The best way for me to pull off this look is by combining simple patterns on straight forward pieces with clean lines. My French blue fitted blouse, Tahari, has a fine white pinstripe and fits close to the body. I’ve paired it with a straight high-waist pencil skirt with a large spaced floral print on a light ground, Samantha Sung.

As you can see, my blues are NOT a match but they’re within the same family or tone of blue. My skirt also has black running through to make my accessory choices, a no brainer. A clean stiff bag with handles, Carla Mancini, and a mid-heel slingback, Martinez Valero, are straight forward and low key. I’ve tied my blacks together with a large black flower, Amazon, pinned to my blouse. I like to think of it as reinforcement to help it all make sense especially when I’m working with less daring clients. My large Baroque pearls and French back pearl earrings bring light around my face and pull in another white element. This look is an easy way to pattern mix for us shorter women or for those who may be a bit intimidated by the concept.


style-tip: it’s good to step out of our comfort zones and mix things up.


LA Story: Schoolgirl Sparkle


There is a fun irony that is a result of fabrics normally meant for one style of garment but used for something in a different classification. My schoolgirl pleated skirt is a perfect example especially when styled with an Oxford striped blouse with loafers and short socks. Whether you like the look or not, it’s definitely provocative and makes you think. Originally, my gunmetal sequin skirt, Bardot, had a short black underskirt but it looked dark and heavy. For me, this was not a serious piece rather a fun layering item that I wanted to wear sheer, so I cut the lining out and I’m wearing it over my high waist bathing suit bottom, Spanx. My washed down vintage blouse, Tomboy, with stripes in pale aqua ochre and oat milk on the faded lilac is pure magic against the skirt’s gunmetal sparkle. This kind of look takes commitment and it’s important to think it through…that means every piece.

I went with an oversized gray jacket, Zara, that looks perhaps borrowed from a, prep-school, boyfriend. My black penny-loafers, Patrick Cox, are a big trend for Fall and these short grey slouchy socks, Hugh Ugoli, really drive it all home. Because I don’t want to be too, on the nose, I brought in some finer jewelry pieces – multiple strands of grey South Sea pearls that work back to my skirt and elevate my look. This kind of dressing has a lot of personality and is so much fun to wear. It’s another opportunity to get your Holiday and Better items out of the closet to wear in a more casual way.


style-tip: find your version have some fun and give it a try.


*please treat your wardrobe well. many people worked very hard to get it to you,


  • Felicia Arlin

    Felicia Arlin’s work as a stylist and costume designer has been featured in print, tv, film and on the red carpet. As a 20+ year veteran designer/merchandiser in the LA/NY garment industry her work has graced the racks of every major department store and specialty chain in the country. She is passionate about helping women look and feel confident no matter their age, shape or socioeconomic status. Her hope is to empower other women by sharing some of the things she’s learned along the way to better cultivate and express their own individual and ageless style.

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