LA LIFE: Virtual Walking Tours, Virtual Port Talk, Nicolas Kristof, She Angels

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LA LIFE: Virtual Walking Tours, Virtual Port Talk, Nicolas Kristof, She Angels

This been a week of stunning sunsets and new historic beginnings with the first black female VP and a new diverse cabinet full of women. All of which bring much needed hope. Speaking of women, “The She Angels Foundation” is all about helping women helping women. I love this new nonprofit and its goals. There are a few new virtual walking tours of our beautiful LA available. A virtual talk about the history of our Port of Los Angeles and a virtual talk with authors Nicholas Kristoff and Sheryl WuDunn will provide special insight and inspiration. And check out this week’s podcast— it’s all about how women over 50 can create successful careers.

Virtual Walking Tours

LA LIFE: Virtual Walking Tours, Virtual Port Talk, Nicolas Kristof, She Angels

LA Walking Tours and Pasadena Walking Tours are teaming up to host a virtual tour around Angelino Heights and Elysian Park so attendees can experience the flora and fauna of these areas. And The Los Angeles Conservancy is also hosting, not one but two, new virtual walking tours in LA and internationally with no passport or plane ticket needed. Sign Up ASAP, Tomatoes.

“The Botanical LA Walking Tour” takes place this coming Sunday January 24th. Not only will the tour allow you to stop and smell the flowers (virtually that is), but they will dive deeper into the history, biology, and cultural relevance of some of Los Angeles’ most beloved and most notorious plants. 

Starting January 30 thru March 6, The Los Angeles Conservancy, along with 5 architecture organizations located in Copenhagen, Chicago, Boston, Prague and New York City, bring Tomatoes an international virtual glimpse into these cities from the comfort of your home.  The tour will go beyond the famous icons to discover some a few historic and contemporary buildings. AND you get an up-close-and-personal look at some of L.A.’s most breathtaking Deco buildings with their new “Art Deco Virtual Tours”! You’ll find incredible details, brilliant colors, and lush materials of such masterpieces as TheWiltern, the Los Angeles Jewelry Center, the Eastern Columbia building and more that are thoroughly breathtaking, Tomatoes.

The Three Tomatoes Happy Hour Podcast


January 26.  An Evening with Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn

LA LIFE: Virtual Walking Tours, Virtual Port Talk, Nicolas Kristof, She Angels

Yes, indeedie, we could all use a good dose of hope. The Skirball provides such hope with a new online exhibition and virtual talk with the renowned Pulitzer Prize Winning Authors Nicholas D. Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn, whose book “Tightrope: Americans Reaching for Hope” serves as inspiration for the that online exhibition. Check it out, Tomatoes!

Tomatoes will journey across twenty-first-century America with the authors that will provide a compassionate look at the many challenges facing the American public and offer ideas for how we might forge a new path forward. Reservations are required, but it is free, Tomatoes.  Yay! The online exhibition, that compliments the virtual talk and their book, presents photographs paired with real-life stories that shine a light on the trials and triumphs of a nation in need.

The Three Tomatoes Happy Hour Book Club

January 24. History of the Port of Los Angeles

LA LIFE: Virtual Walking Tours, Virtual Port Talk, Nicolas Kristof, She Angels

Author Geraldine Knatz, the first female Director of the Port of Los Angeles from 2006 to January 2014 and prior to that was Managing Director at the Port of Long Beach in 2014, tells the history of the Port of Los Angeles from its earliest days to its emergence as the most important container port in the United States, with more than 200 images and remarkably detailed research, should be fascinating Tomatoes.  

With nearly 4 decades of experience at the harbor, Knatz’s Port Talk approaches the port’s legacy with tremendous respect while including many amazing stories about the Port of Los Angeles. Sounds awesome. If you love LA History, then this is the place to be this Sunday, Tomatoes.

She Angels Foundation & Series

LA LIFE: Virtual Walking Tours, Virtual Port Talk, Nicolas Kristof, She Angels

The amazing Tomatoes, Catherine Curry Williams and Catherine Gray, have created the “She Angels Foundation” to encourage and fund worthy Women Owned businesses. Bravo I say!  What a much needed endeavor. And, among other things, they have created the She Angels Series. You gotta love Women helping Women to change the world…You go gals and Congratulations!

The partnership between media entrepreneur Catherine Gray and dynamo philanthropist Catherine Curry-Williams launching The She Angels Foundation will be an incredible force for positive change for women.  The 2 Catherine’s power together knows no bounds.  The She Angels goal is to empower women across a range of fields via annual grants to female-founded and operated non-profit organizations that provide mentorship, funding, training, and advancement resources to women entrepreneurs.

Please take a few minutes to familiarize yourselves with this new nonprofit based in Los Angeles.  Only 2% of venture capital dollars go to Female Founders.  Men start with almost 6 times more capital than women do.  Let that sink in.  So, the She Angels Foundation Mission to narrow that funding gap is not only vitally important as well as deeply needed. And the She Angels Series will assist in achieving that goal while providing fun and inspiring entertainment.  The series follows the journeys of women founders and the women angel investors who invest in their innovations, inventions, and ideas—literally, women investing in women! Tomatoes can watch the first episode now.

Get the book!


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