LA LIFE: Viewing Rooms, Walking Tour, Film Tour, Tip n’ Toss, Doing Good

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LA LIFE: Viewing Rooms, Walking Tour, Film Tour, Tip n’ Toss, Doing Good

The past week has rendered us stunned, speechless and feeling lost. As we struggle through the pandemic and lives lost to grave injustice, I find solace and comfort in this beautiful Red Tail Fledgling Hawk flying above it all—it brings me hope that we will stand together to fight this pandemic and fight racism to bring long overdue positive change. Take a break by visiting LA Art Galleries.  An LA Tomato perfumer is using her talent to do good. Heritage Square Museum is now open for guided tours of their grounds. The mosquitos are back, and here are some tips for keeping them at bay. The San Fernando Valley Film Tour is going virtual.  Check out the latest episodes of The Three Tomatoes Virtual Renewal Summit. And for fun, listen in to this week’s Happy Hour Podcast with “Two Ancient Broads.”

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Heritage Square Museum Walking Tours

LA LIFE: Viewing Rooms, Walking Tour, Film Tour, Tip n’ Toss, Doing Good

Heritage Square Museum is opening today for self-guided walking tours of the museum’s beautiful grounds, gardens and the exteriors of their historic buildings, Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays in June and July. Wow! A wonderful way to get out and about safely, Tomatoes.

You must make reservations and, of course, the museum will be following all the protocols to keep visitors safe. All the proceeds go to the museums’ preservation costs.  Be sure and say “Hello” to the resident chickens, Tomatoes.

The Three Tomatoes Happy Hour Podcast

It’s time for another entertaining podcast. Listen in as Kim Selby, our San Francisco Editor chats with Carole Simone and Dorthy Tyo the hosts of “Two Ancient Semi-Enlightened Broads” on YouTube. These two have backgrounds that read like a well penned novel, Simone has been a practicing mystic for over 35 years. Dorthy is the owner of The Palo Alto School of Hypnotherapy. Their combined wisdom and wit and decades of life experience brings us a delightful schmoozing conversation. Listen in here.

Gallery Platform. LA

LA LIFE: Viewing Rooms, Walking Tour, Film Tour, Tip n’ Toss, Doing Good

Eighty-one Los Angeles art galleries have joined together to create an online platform to promote local and international art. Each week will present 10 gallery “viewing rooms” and 1 curated project. Take advantage, Tomatoes, by viewing all this wonderful Gallery Art.

This week, “Betye Saar: L.A. Energy”, presented by Rogers Projects, is one of the 10 in their vast collection that brings together a curated selection of historic works interpreting the symbolism and ideas of the artist’s monumental 1983 Los Angeles public mural. Imagine 10 gallery selections of incredible art, Tomatoes each week.

Saturday June 5.  San Fernando Virtual Film Tour

LA LIFE: Viewing Rooms, Walking Tour, Film Tour, Tip n’ Toss, Doing Good

Tomorrow My Valley Pass is bringing some of the Valley’s cinematic history, virtually, to Tomatoes with their signature San Fernando Valley Film Tour taking movie fans to some of the most iconic and hidden filming locations in the Valley. What fun, Tomatoes.

Valley Film Tour guide Jared Cowan will take you on a simulated version of the San Fernando Valley Film Tour. You’ll learn stories behind many of the carefully curated locations while film images are juxtaposed with Google Maps, making it possible to see how the locations appear today vs. how they appeared on screen. The mission of My Valley Pass is to promote the San Fernando Valley as a meeting and travel destination in an effort to maximize economic impact through the development of meetings, conventions, entertainment events and tourism.

Tip n’ Toss

GLACVCD gives you the skinny on keeping those pesky bites to a minimum with this video and their info “Do It Yourself Ways” to keep mosquitos limited, Tomatoes.  So, as we spend a lot of time out of doors remember to Tip n’ Toss n’ Protect weekly.  

The Greater Los Angeles County Vector Control District (GLACVCD) has confirmed the first mosquito sample to test positive for West Nile virus in LA.  “The late rainfalls coupled with warmer temperatures have contributed to increased mosquito activity in Los Angeles communities.  LA County residents should take precautions, like wearing insect repellent and eliminating standing water around the home.”

And last year I mentioned the arrival of the Asian Tiger Mosquito that bites during the day, something we are not used to.  It is tiny, relentless, bites multiple times, eats through clothes and can breed in just a bottle cap of water. Holy Moly they have no Mercy! I was a victim of their bites last summer.  We can prepare better this year by following the GLACVCD advice.  I’m just giving very juicy and yummy Tomatoes a heads up so you can try to avoid being eaten alive by these mean buggers. 

Sarah Horowitz Parfums

LA LIFE: Viewing Rooms, Walking Tour, Film Tour, Tip n’ Toss, Doing Good

I came across this article about LA Perfumer and FIDM Professor, Sarah Horowitz and her company, Sarah Horowitz Parfums, have stepped up during the corona virus by producing hand sanitizer to meet the desperate need in the market and has been donating her “Stay Safe Sanitizing Spray” to nursing home and hospitals. And that is not all Sarah’s doing, Tomatoes.

This week, her company will be donating 20% of all sales to the NAACP to support the Black Lives Matter movement and the peaceful protesters across this nation to keep the focus on the reason for the protests.  So, check out her site and consider buying one of her products, Tomatoes, to help and support all of her efforts.  Bravo Sarah!

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