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Feeling low or woeful Tomatoes? LA Life is here to the rescue with ideas to brighten your spirits. Treat the kids in your life and the kids that are young at heart, to a Zoofari. I’ve got three fab series to recommend that will definitely satisfy your TV addiction.  The Jewish Women’s Theater (JWT) has a brand-new salon for you this weekend, virtually. Your mouth will be watering, and your tummy will growl when you look at The Infatuation’s list of Black Owned Food Trucks in Los Angeles.  Photo LA is back with an exciting virtual experience for art loving Tomatoes! If you haven’t watched the Heart Health episode from our Renewal Summit, you can watch anytime. And this week’s podcast is all about your personality number.

NOW PLAYING…Women’s Heart Health

I am determined to convince women to take their heart health seriously and so I hope you will watch The Three Tomatoes Heart Health episode which will always be available to watch on The Three Tomatoes website.   Women really need to take care of their hearts.  And, also, still available are ALL the vitally important, informative, and inspirational Three Tomatoes Renewal Summit episodes. As always stay safe, smart and hopeful Tomatoes. Watch above!

A TV Addicts Opinion

I admit it Tomatoes, I am a television addict since my childhood, and I thought I should put this fact to good use.  I love the art form when it is very, very good and I have my particularly discerning and sometimes unique tastes of what deserves a looksee. Remember, it is just one Tomato’s perspective and it might help guide you through all the streaming services available and the overwhelming vast array of series offerings. Here are my current picks.


For the kids in your life Tomatoes, you can now safely visit The Wildlife Learning Center, in Sylmar, for a private tour where you can meet a sloth, a giraffe, armadillo or porcupine and more.  It’s a wildlife oasis, Tomatoes.

From Zeus the blind western screech-owl to Lola the two-toed sloth, animals at the Wildlife Learning Center provide the public with interactive education about wildlife. The wild-born animals are too injured or dependent on people to be rereleased, and the domestic creatures could not survive in the wilderness.

Wildlife Learning Center co-founders Paul Hahn and UCLA alumnus David Riherd have been rescuing the animals to teach people about biology for more than 20 years.

What’s Your Personality Number?

Are you curious what your number is? And by number, we are talking about your Enneagram type and number. Listen in to this fascinating interview with Suzanne Dion, an Enneagram teacher and coach. Learn about all 9 types in this personality assessment and how to use it as a professional and personal development tool. LISTEN IN HERE.

June 27, 28, 29.  Sex, Addiction & Love

The brand-new virtual salon show from Jewish Women’s Theatre (JWT), is all about Sex, Addiction & Love in the 21st Century and it’s available for 3 nights via Zoom.  The completely original show explores the eternal question “What is love, anyway?”  But be warned Tomatoes: whatever you think it is, think again. Are you intrigued Ladies?

JWT is confident that the Zoom version of  “Sex, Addiction & Love in the 21st Century”, which was slated to open the new Jewish Women’s Theatre season at the Braid Theatre, will not disappoint.  Through words, poetry, and music, the amazingly talented performers bring many of their humorous and thought-provoking complexities to life in this new production. JWT rehearsed and prepared the show for Zoom in a proper, socially distanced way, and now it’s ready for its virtual curtain up, Tomatoes. Woo-Hoo!

Black-Owned Food Trucks

Infatuation LA has compiled a wonderful list of the best Black Owned Food Trucks in Los Angeles.  You know how Angelino’s love our Food Trucks, Tomatoes, so check out this list of amazing and delish black owned food trucks for a wonderful tasty experience that is a great way to support the Black Lives Matter movement.

The list includes one of LA’s most popular food trucks “All Flavor, No Grease” and “Billionaire Burger Boyz” and there are even Vegan options, like “Vurger Guyz” and “Lettuce Feast” on The Infatuation’s LA best list. Oh my…my, Tomatoes, I’m craving it all now. And don’t you love the creative names?!  The Infatuation’s mission is very simple: to bring you the most honest and trustworthy opinions on where to eat around the world. And they do a fantastic job.

June 27 & 28.  PHOTO LA

You can transport yourself Tomatoes to an exciting visual world with the first edition of Virtual Collect+Connect Photo LA.  Yeah. Photo LA is back with an entirely different experience.  But still bringing all art lovers and curators together while showcasing emerging and established artists from all corners of the world.

No longer confined to four walls, their virtual photo fair will host over 40 – 60 exhibitors via interactive and 3D booths with curated digital installations, Photo L.A. programs (four each day) Live on Zoom with live Q & A sessions, networking, virtual coffee rooms, virtual cocktail hours and the FOCUS Photo LA Competition. Photo LA, aka The International Los Angeles Photographic Art Exhibition, is more than just a giant photography show, it’s a celebration of photography in its many forms and the different perspectives and tastes that is uniquely Photo LA.  And you can have all that… virtually…this year, Tomatoes.



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