LA LIFE: Tomatomania, Rooftops, Going Native

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Yes, it is official! April has sprung tomatoes in a big way with rooftops and gardens dominating. “Tomatomania” is here.  The Theodore Payne Native Garden Tour is all about green living.  The Rooftop Film Club is back with a selection of top notch films screened on a rooftop in Hollywood. Plus, there is a very special rooftop garden oasis downtown that you might not know about ladies. Woo hoo April!

April 2 ,3, 6. Tomatomania

LA LIFE: Tomatomania, Rooftops, Going Native

Certified “Tomatomaniac”, Scott Daigre, brings his passion and his pop-up “Tomatomania” sale to Descanso Gardens this weekend and The Arboretum April 6.  Everyone loves a tomato right?! Tomatomania is the world’s largest (and most fun) heirloom and hybrid tomato seedling sale. At Descanso the fun doesn’t stop with the sale, there will be delicious tomato themed dishes served and even a Bloody Mary bar.  If you stop by, tell them you are a tomato…of the human variety.

April and May.  Rooftop Film Club

LA LIFE: Tomatomania, Rooftops, Going Native

What could be better than sitting in a comfy deck chair (provided by them) with a great view, fresh spring air, twinkling stars above and a great film? The Rooftop Film Club is back for another season at The Montalban in Hollywood ladies.  You even get a set of wireless headphones and a blanket with your ticket and cocktails are on hand to purchase. Spring in to action and get your tickets  now ladies because they are almost sold out in April.

Kyoto Gardens

LA LIFE: Tomatomania, Rooftops, Going Native

I asked previously what could be better than seeing a movie on a rooftop…well…a Japanese rooftop garden is certainly equal to that.  Believe it or not, Kyoto Gardens atop the Double Tree Hotel’s rooftop is open to the public when they aren’t holding a special event.  Who knew?! This half-acre hidden oasis in the sky, located in the center of Little Tokyo, is just waiting to be explored and provide a serene escape for tomatoes.

April 2-3. Native Plant Tour

LA LIFE: Tomatomania, Rooftops, Going Native

The Native Plant Garden Tour from the Theodore Payne Foundation is a unique and simply stupendous self-guided, county-wide tour of public and private inspiring gardens that showcase native plants, garden design and wildlife habitat. It is a refreshing way to spend a day or two by enjoying landscapes that reflect drought tolerance, food security and resilience ecology.


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