LA LIFE: Theater Discount, Whales, Lunar New Year, Food Expo, Poetry

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LA LIFE: Theater Discount, Whales, Lunar New Year, Food Expo, Poetry

Yippee and Yahoo! Use a special Three Tomato discount code to purchase tickets for the Anateus Theatre Company’s production of “Measure for Measure.” Celebrate the migration of the Pacific gray whale at the “Whale Fiesta! It’s the Year of the Rat and The Chinese or Lunar New Year so there are several fun celebrations across Los Angeles. Pulitzer Prize winner, Jorie Graham will be sharing her poetry at the Hammer Museum. And if you got a hankerin’ for authentic Japanese food, “The Japanese Food Expo” comes to mind.

February 13 – April 6.  Measure for Measure + Discount Tickets

LA LIFE: Theater Discount, Whales, Lunar New Year, Food Expo, Poetry

Remember that guy born way before you and me … William Shakespeare? Well, Will knew a thing or two about sex, hypocrisy, corruption, authority and the true nature of love and justice and the result is his play “Measure for Measure.” I feel there’s a MeToo theme being addressed in this production and nobody does it better than Will S and the Antaeus Theatre Company.  Will must be so happy Antaeus is producing.  And we have a discount on tickets available only for Tomatoes!

Use the discount code, Tomatoes10, for $10 off any regular-priced or Senior ticket for performances from February 22nd – March 30th.  Tomatoes can purchase up to 4 tickets with this great discount offer but this offer is not valid for previously purchased tickets.  I highly recommend taking advantage of this generous discount, Tomatoes because The Antaeus Theatre Company is the crème de la crème of theatre companies in this town and their productions are always stellar.   I love this company.

Sex and hypocrisy abound in William Shakespeare’s dark comedy, “Measure for Measure”, about the corruption of power and authority, and the true nature of love and justice. His world is familiar: sex is a commodity, government is subject to the leader’s moral whimsy, and extreme liberality goes head to head with emergency powers to constrain and punish. 

January 26. Whale Fiesta

LA LIFE: Theater Discount, Whales, Lunar New Year, Food Expo, Poetry

The Pacific Gray Whales are heading south along our shores this time of year and for all those Tomatoes prone to sea sickness there are other ways to enjoy the season besides boarding a whale watch tour boat.  You can celebrate the migration of the Pacific Gray Whale and all marine animals with the free “Whale Fiesta” at Cabrillo Marine Aquarium. Time to celebrate the arrival of these wonders of nature, Tomatoes.

The Whale Fiesta is co- sponsored by Cabrillo Marine Aquarium  with the Los Angeles City Department of Parks and Recreation and The Port of LA. It’s a family day filled with activities and exhibits for all – games, arts and crafts, puppet shows, marine awareness organizations, expert guest lecturers, the famous “Duct Tape Whale Sculpture Contest,” festive music and more! The Cabrillo Marine Aquarium is always a great destination for all ages, and it is always… free.  The Cabrillo Marine Aquarium has the largest collection of Southern California marine life in the world and the only FREE Aquarium in the U.S. accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums and the facility is beautiful having been designed by world–renowned architect Frank Gehry.  I hope that entices you, Tomatoes.

Do Cheaters Always Win?

Pour yourself a glass of wine right now, because we’re talking about the “C” word today – Cheating. Does the very word make you a little uncomfortable? High profile cheating is all over the news these days – from Jeff Bezos’s infidelity, to the college admissions scandal, and now the latest baseball scandal – cheating is everywhere. Does everyone cheat? Well here to answer these provocative questions is historian and New York Times Bestselling author, J.M. Fenster, whose latest book is titled, “Cheaters Always Win, The Story of America.” Listen in here, or wherever you listen to podcasts.

January 25 & February 1. Lunar New Year Celebrations

LA LIFE: Theater Discount, Whales, Lunar New Year, Food Expo, Poetry

Yes, it is the “Year of the Rat” and why should Tomatoes celebrate the pesky creatures? Well, rats rank first in the Chinese Zodiac and represent wisdom, intelligence, a quick wit, practicality and an ability to economize.  Pretty good qualities huh? Lunar New Year is the most celebrated holiday of the year by Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese descent and here in LA there are several ways to celebrate The Year of the Rat. 

Santa Monica, Long Beach and Pasadena are ringing in The Year of the Rat on January 25 with traditional cultural performances, cuisine, arts & crafts, special offers and stunning décor. The Golden Dragon Parade and Festival is the oldest Los Angeles cultural tradition in DTLA celebrating 121 years and is the premiere cultural event in the Southern California Asian-American Community. Angelenos of all ages and ethnicities are welcome to attend any of these spectacular, colorful, rich, diverse and free experiences, Tomatoes.

January 25. Japanese Food Expo

LA LIFE: Theater Discount, Whales, Lunar New Year, Food Expo, Poetry

It’s time again for the “Japanese Food Expo” where authentic food, Japanese culture and fun all come together, Tomatoes! This year there are 50+ exhibitors, performances and travel exhibits. The Japanese food Expo is bringing back the fan favorite Sake Alley as well as a showcase of Japan’s premium foods that you will only find at the Japanese Food Expo. 

And if you love Japanese-street-style food that will be represented too.  They’ve also invited a number of reps so you can experience food creations that are only sold in Japan here in Los Angeles. What a treat! Tomatoes can enjoy the yummy tastes of ramen, curry, sushi and more.  As I said…yum, yum!

January 26.  Jorie Graham Poetry Reading

LA LIFE: Theater Discount, Whales, Lunar New Year, Food Expo, Poetry

Tomatoes have the wonderful opportunity to hear Jorie Graham, who just happens to be a Pulitzer Prize winner, read her poetry at The Hammer Museum for free. Jorie has authored numerous poetry collections and garnered many honors, including a MacArthur Fellowship and the Morton Dauwen Zabel Award.  Sounds like this will be a very special experience, Tomatoes.

Yes, it is free, but you need free tickets to attend and it is a first come- first-serve event so Tomatoes should arrive at the box office at least one hour prior when it opens or sooner to be on the safe side. You can always browse this marvelous museum or grab a bite at their restaurant Audrey.  Sounds like a lovely way to spend a Monday evening.


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