LA Life: The Gap, TOURific, Modern Homes, Free Concerts

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Hey gals! There is a very worthy nonprofit that is in jeopardy and they need your help this very minute so I am singing the praises of The Virginia Avenue Project.  If you like sightseeing and eating then the “Sites and Bites” Hollywood Tour from TOURific Escapes is for you with 4 hours of scrumptious fun and exploration.  Well I can’t resist telling you about another tour happening tomorrow where you can get behind the gates and see incredible modern homes through Modern Home Tours, of course. LACMA is wrapping up its free summer concert series on September 25th so there is no time to waste tomatoes.  

Bridge the Gap

LA Life: The Gap, TOURific, Modern Homes, Free Concerts, the three tomatoesThere is a gap and I’m not talking about the “Gap” retail store.  They certainly don’t need help.  But The Virginia Avenue Project does need help and they need it now so they don’t have to close their doors to the children they have helped and would help.  That would be tragic. For 23 years the Virginia Ave Project has been using the Arts to give struggling children life skills. Starting as young as six through high school, the kids work alongside caring, artist/mentors. Their work is profound, creative and has powerful results gals. There are many ways to help bridge the gap tomatoes.

The Virginia Avenue Project is a free, after-school program using the performing arts in conjunction with long-term mentoring to give struggling kids the skills to think creatively, critically and courageously about life goals and choices. This tomato has always believed The Arts can save the world. $125,000 would make it possible for the project to become sustainable, hire much-needed staff and implement their plan to finally have a home base called Virginia Avenue Project’s Arts Center for Youth.  If they were able to raise these funds to keep their doors open, then they can continue to help kids believe in themselves and that anything is possible.  Fingers are crossed ladies.


LA Life: The Gap, TOURific, Modern Homes, Free ConcertsThis culinary tour combines the famous and not so famous sites in and around Hollywood with tastings from iconic and hidden restaurant gems. And if you are like me and haven’t gotten up close and personal with Hollywood lately, the diverse and unique tastes you encounter on the Hollywood Sites and Bites Food Tour from TOURific Escapes will give you a new perspective tomatoes. I love playing tourist in LA and treating myself to delicious food on top of it really gets my heart pumping.

The tour groups are always small so you will have plenty of intimate interaction and time to ask the questions. You’ll receive great commentary filled with Hollywood’s rich history from Trish and Pat who are not only the owners but are experienced and “in the know” Los Angeles tour guides. You’ll start in Hollywood and travel to Melrose, the Sunset Strip, the Hollywood Sign and much more with 5 food tastings along the way and a few surprises thrown in ladies.  Sounds like fun!

Behind the Fences Saturday Sept 12th

LA Life: The Gap, TOURific, Modern Homes, Free ConcertsYep it’s cool when you can step through the gates and see the marvelous architecture that lies behind the gates, hedges or fences in Los Angeles. That is Modern Home Tours specialty and the next tour tomorrow is the LA Cities Beach Tour. Whether you like the modern style or not, the style of the homes on this tour are exquisite, stunning and innovative.  You can see it for yourselves at your leisure now because the homes on this tour are not hidden from you tomorrow ladies.

The gates will be flung open giving you the chance to take a peek at eight modern residences in Venice, Santa Monica and Hermosa Beach that have creative vision plus an incredible story. Now you will have to drive yourself between locations but you’ll be able to access and experience each home’s unique features personally and at your leisure with your ticket.

LACMA Summer Concerts

LA Life: The Gap, TOURific, Modern Homes, Free ConcertsOn Fridays there’s Jazz…for free and Sundays there’s Live Chamber music for …you guessed it…free. It’s hard to believe that fall is almost here but it’s not to late to get to LACMA for these summer concerts. September 25th is the last jazz concert and the 27th is the last Chamber music concert so you might want to put that into your busy schedule tomatoes for a lovely break from the hustle and bustle.

LACMA does everything well and their award winning Department of Music Program is award-winning with prolific free concerts and musical events.


  • The Three Tomatoes LA Life editor, Debbie Zipp is your friendly guide to the best of everything in LA with a tomato style perspective. Debbie is an actor, producer, and writer. She is best known for her recurring role as Donna on the CBS series "Murder She Wrote" starring Angela Lansbury. She has had many other TV and stage roles and has starred in over 300 national TV commercials. As head of In The Trenches Productions, Debbie produced, directed, acted in many short films for her company. Her book, The Aspiring Actor's Handbook: What Seasoned Actors Wish They Had Known was recently published. Buy her book: The Aspiring Actor's Handbook: What Seasoned Actors Wish They Had Known

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