LA LIFE: Taste, Little Tokyo, Rembrandt, Magic & Mystery

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LA LIFE: Taste, Little Tokyo, Rembrandt, Magic & Mystery

Meet Bruce, my two-year-old Grand dog, rescued from a kill shelter.  I just thought his adorbs face will provide you with a giggle of delight this Friday. Firefighters are our real live heroes and you can help support them by attending the yummy and fun, “Taste of Farmers Market” at…you know where Tomatoes. You’ll find delish and extraordinary culinary experiences this weekend at the “Delicious Little Tokyo” fest. The Getty Center will be honoring Rembrandt for the 350th Anniversary of his death in several ways. Thinking you might need a little magic in your life? Well, look no further than Union Station. A good dose of magic and mystery will do you good Tomatoes.

July 23. Taste of Farmers Market

LA LIFE: Taste, Little Tokyo, Rembrandt, Magic & Mystery

 “Taste of Farmers Market” returns to the original Farmers Market for their 11th year with this event from 5 to 9pm presenting more than 50 restaurants, grocers, and eateries. And amazing local firefighter chefs will be preparing firehouse chili tastes just for you gals! Yum Yum!

There’s even more reason to be fired up about this event, you hot Tomatoes you, because again this year the event supports  “First-in-Fire Foundations” and the brave firefighters of Station 61 & 58. It’s a great time to experience the original Farmers Market. The foundations mission is devoted to friend-raising and fund-raising for the Fire Service and the Fire Department, its firefighters, services, and programs including the Fire Department’s Adopt a Fire Station Program, Fire Safety Education, CERT and Emergency Preparedness, including Pet Preparedness. No fire station is left behind tomatoes.


July 19 & 20. Delicious Little Tokyo

LA LIFE: Taste, Little Tokyo, Rembrandt, Magic & Mystery

Little Tokyo is inviting all Tomato foodies to a vast cavalcade of culinary tastes and cuisine from restaurant gems in the area. And “Delicious Little Tokyo”, brought to you by “Go Little Tokyo”, will be hosting a plethora of cool and unique workshops, classes, demonstration plus a historical “Little Tokyo Walking Tour”. You must check out their wonderful lineup of “Things to Do” Tomatoes and Go Go Go…to…Little Tokyo!

Plus, Little Tokyo in the heart of LA is a wonderful place to explore and  hang gals. “Go Little Tokyo” is a community led effort aimed at highlighting the unique cultural programs, community events, and dining and shopping experiences found in Little Tokyo. As one of Los Angeles’ most vibrant cultural hubs, there is an abundance of destinations and landmarks in and around this historic walkable neighborhood and Go Little Tokyo will help you uncover them.

July 24. Celebrating Rembrandt

LA LIFE: Taste, Little Tokyo, Rembrandt, Magic & Mystery

Rembrandt, the giant of the art world, certainly deserves celebrating. His drawings, paintings and prints had a tremendous impact, resounded with versatility and his artistic work still resonates today.  Getty Curator Anne Woollett will share and probe the secrets of “Rembrandt Laughing” in this free lecture hosted by the Getty Center with a post lecture reception hosted by The Consulate General of the Netherlands. 

If you love Rembrandt and art, you’ll be happy to know that Southern California is home to the third-largest collection of Rembrandt’s paintings in the United States. Woo Hoo! Also participating in the evening will be Getty curator Stephanie Schrader offering insight into Rembrandt’s drawings and his keen interest in the cosmopolitan world around him as well as Cynthia Burlingham, deputy director of curatorial affairs at the Hammer Museum and Jacob Samuel, contemporary master etcher,  deliberating Rembrandt as an inspirational model for today’s printmakers. Remember it’s free Ladies but advance tickets required.

July 20. Magic & Mystery Night

LA LIFE: Taste, Little Tokyo, Rembrandt, Magic & Mystery

There’s mind bending magic happening at “Magic and Mystery Night” at Union Station, Tomatoes, that will showcase L.A.’s super-duper community of world-class magicians and illusionists and more. It’s for one night only and it’s FREE, so don’t miss out on an evening that I’m sure will delight and surprise.

Tomatoes can enjoy a variety of magic styles and top-notch performances under the stars on the majestic South Patio. Lindsay Benner, 2019 Magic Castle Award nominee, is slated to MC the event and will entertain audiences with her unique and classic vaudeville tricks. Magician Riccardo Berdini, who has performed for audiences around the world and appeared on the 4th season of “Penn &Teller: Fool Us” will captivate the crowd with a sensory performance that blends mentalism and mind reading with his signature Italian sense of humor. Award-winning Illusionist Joseph Tran will take center stage and between sets magicians and variety performers will be mingling among guests with slight-of-hand sorcery and gravity-defying feats.


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