LA LIFE: Poetry, Vintage Day, Film Festival, Suffrage, Woman’s Place

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LA LIFE: Poetry, Vintage Day, Film Festival, Suffrage, Woman’s Place

OMG! Is it March already?! And…And…And…it’s Women’s History Month! Poetry is darn cool especially when it is Eve Brandstein’s “Poetry in Motion” Literary Salon. Bullocks Wilshire put the glamour in retail shopping and now you can travel back in time and spend a vintage day there. A 100th anniversary is bound to bring on a lot of celebrations…especially when it is the Centennial of the 19th amendment for women.  This Tomato is damn excited and there are several ways to celebrate this amazing moment in history with a film festival, a lecture and a walking tour. Party On, Tomatoes!

March 7.  Poetry in Motion

LA LIFE: Poetry, Vintage Day, Film Festival, Suffrage, Woman’s Place

Eve Brandsteins’ “Poetry in Motion” Hollywood Literary Salon is simply maaarvelous Tomatoes, and I’m here to say that poetry is pretty darn cool. This new presentation from Poetry in Motion, “Just the 2 of Us,” is an evening of couples sharing their extraordinary stories/poetry.  Methinks it is a wonderful way to celebrate the spoken word. Get your tickets.

The evening stars these remarkable performers and storytellers: Susan Hayden & Steve Hochman, Adele Slaughter & Jeff Kober, Penny Peyser & Doug McIntyre, Leon Martell & Beth Ruscio, David Zasloff & Iliana Rose. I know it is going to be a great evening of entertainment.  I have never been disappointed Tomatoes.

Eve Brandstein, the director, is well-known major studio & network executive of the highest caliber, Norman Lear’s casting director, a professional director, working writer, perpetual poet & fine artist. Eve started “Poetry in Motion” in 1988 where, in a warm and welcoming atmosphere she has presented an eclectic array of writers from the literary and Hollywood communities in this literary performance series. Poetry in Motion has long been known as a warm “well lighted place” for creative minds and offers an evening of great entertainment. Not just anyone can perform…you must be invited.

March 14.  Bullocks Wilshire

LA LIFE: Poetry, Vintage Day, Film Festival, Suffrage, Woman’s Place

Any Tomatoes remember LA’s leading luxury department store, Bullocks Wilshire?  Well, I sure do.  It was something else with a department for absolutely everything.  The Art Deco Society of Los Angeles takes you back in time to the Art Deco Era with a simply divine vintage fashion show at Bullocks Wilshire, where the movie stars flocked to shop. And now you can too, Tomatoes! Hurry! It could sell out fast.

Your one fabulous vintage day excursion at Bullocks Wilshire will include a vintage fashion show, “Catalina Island Pastimes in the Golden Era,” a presentation (and book signing) on actress Jean Harlow by author Darrell Rooney (with a chance to take a photo in the exact location where Harlow once famously posed), self-guided tours of this exquisite Art Deco building – and – for the first time in decades – an opportunity to shop at Bullocks Wilshire, at a vintage marketplace! How marvelous, Tomatoes. It is only usually for “Members Only” but tickets are now available to the public as well. But Tomatoes might just want to become a member because membership prices are extremely reasonable considering all the perks you receive throughout the year. And don’t forget to wear your vintage daywear Tomatoes to complete the experience, Tomatoes.

The Makeover Guy is in the House!

LA LIFE: Poetry, Vintage Day, Film Festival, Suffrage, Woman’s Place

If you’re a regular subscriber to The Three Tomatoes, Christopher Hopkins, aka “The Makeover Guy,” needs no introduction. His inspiring and transformative YouTube makeover videos have been viewed by tens of thousands of followers. Listen in to this dynamic and entertaining interview with Christopher who truly cares about helping women feel great about themselves. Listen in here or wherever you listen to podcasts.

March 8, 15, 22, 29.  Women to the Polls: A Suffrage Film Festival

LA LIFE: Poetry, Vintage Day, Film Festival, Suffrage, Woman’s Place

Leave it to the LA League of Women Voters and UCLA Film & TV Archive to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of Women’s Right to Vote in the perfect way.  They along with the Hammer Museum will present “Women to the Polls: A Suffrage Film Festival” with films and panels in honor of our voting rights 100th B-Day. Woo-Hoo!  

The Festival celebrates the Centennial of the passage of the 19th Amendment by showcasing a wide range of films that address issues surrounding American women’s fight to win the vote. Panel discussions featuring leading figures from the political, academic and creative worlds will follow each screening. Yahoo!

March 14.  The Surprising Road to Woman Suffrage

LA LIFE: Poetry, Vintage Day, Film Festival, Suffrage, Woman’s Place

It was a long road to winning the women’s right to vote and it all began in the pre-civil war years.  Honoring the 100th anniversary of the 19th amendment to the Constitution, distinguished historian Ellen Carol DuBois explores the full scope of the movement to win the vote for women through portraits of its bold leaders and devoted activists with “The Surprising Road to Woman Suffrage” lecture.

DuBois will show how the foremothers, Lucretia Mott, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Susan B. Anthony, and Sojourner Truth, of the Suffrage movement and the movement itself links to the abolition of slavery. After the Civil War, Congress granted freed African American men the right to vote but not white and African American women. She introduces new champions Carrie Chapman Catt and Alice Paul, who brought the fight into the 20th century, and she shows how African American women, led by Ida B. Wells-Barnett, demanded voting rights even as white suffragists ignored them.  There is so much still to learn about the heroines of the Suffrage Movement and our voting rights history, Tomatoes, and this is an engaging and informative way to do that. There will be a book signing after the presentation and it is all presenting by The Autry and The John and LaRee Caughey Foundation.  Reservations are recommended.

March 12, 19, 26.  A Woman’s Place Walking Tour

LA LIFE: Poetry, Vintage Day, Film Festival, Suffrage, Woman’s Place

It’s Women’s History Month and a 100th anniversary but you can celebrate in the fresh air with a stroll and discover the linked history of two iconic areas of downtown L.A.: Union Station and the nearby Chinatown neighborhood! Grab your walking shoes and a hat Tomatoes and enjoy!

On this special evening walking tour, you’ll explore the history of Union Station and Chinatown through the stories of women who had a lasting impact on these sites. This tour lasts approximately 2 hours and includes the fare for a short ride on the Metro Gold Line to travel between tour sites. Nothing better than the combo of women’s history and 2 fav DTLA locations in the gorgeous LA weather.

Early Bird Tickets End May 10th.

LA LIFE: Poetry, Vintage Day, Film Festival, Suffrage, Woman’s Place

Join me in NYC on May 1 for our fabulous all Renewal Summit. A block of hotel rooms is reserved, and I will moderate a panel on “Women’s Heart Health.” Get details and tickets.


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