LA LIFE: Megafires, Growing, Van Gogh, Monrovia, Antiques

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LA LIFE: Megafires, Growing, Van Gogh, Monrovia, Antiques

Los Angeles is suffering, Tomatoes. Not just from the pandemic and bad air quality, but from the devastation and destruction of the megafires. Now is a good time to educate yourself and see how you can help.  City Plants upcoming Zoom event about our city trees is very timely, inspirational, and extremely important.  The Hammer Museum is highlighting “Van Gogh in LA.”  Pasadena Walking Tours is at it again with a virtual tour of the positively adorbs downtown district of Monrovia.  And Holy Moly, Vintage and Antique shopping is an outdoor shopping event you can attend safely.  And if you’re looking for some personal motivation, listen in to this week’s podcast.

Understanding Megafires and How to Help Victims

LA LIFE: Megafires, Growing, Van Gogh, Monrovia, Antiques

We are faced with wildfires on the West Coast that are a whole different animal than 10 years ago, Tomatoes. The harsh realities and consequences are too numerous and far too complex for a one bullet solution. But what on earth can we do?! First, listen to the scientists and the experts in this field. Then educate yourself and learn how you can help and be prepared.  I have a few suggestions of resources.

Unprecedented: What’s behind the California, Oregon and Washington Wildfires” puts into perspective all that is happening to date and why these fires are a unique disaster. “Ready for a Wildfire” helps you to be prepared in case you are evacuated so you can leave quickly and safely. “Wildfires Are Ravaging the West Coast” has a list of the best non-profits to donate to so your financial help, whatever the size, will have the most impact. “How Do California Megafires Impact Birds”  explains what happens to our California birds during these fire events and why it is different this year.  It also has ideas for helping the birds that includes how you can in just your backyard or balcony. To wrap it up, “After the Fire,” is a sad but hopeful story about the destruction of the Sepulveda Basin wildlife refuge and reserve that recently occurred.  It speaks of the great loss that was felt but also of the power of resiliency.  In these times, it is a refreshing read.  I hope you will give all the articles a go, Tomatoes.

Re-Ignite Your Spark

The Three Tomatoes Happy Hour Podcast

In this week’s podcast, Cheryl Benton interviews co-host Kim Selby, who is also our SF Editor of The Three Tomatoes. And while you’ve heard her bubbly personality in her podcast interviews, we thought it was high time for you to get to know the person behind the interviews and newsletter. Kim is a bundle of energy and ideas and she is really passionate about helping other women find their passions and we’ll hear about her new venture, “Ignite Your Spark” that is poised to do just. LISTEN IN.

Sept 22. City Plants Growing Vibrant Communities

LA LIFE: Megafires, Growing, Van Gogh, Monrovia, Antiques

Interested in planting trees in your LA community, Tomatoes? Well, you can kick off the fall planting season with the Zoom event, “Growing Vibrant Communities” where you can learn about the city’s tree inventory, urban forestry programs and arm yourself with tools to bring back or add to the green in your neighborhoods! Our environment can always use more trees! 

Fall is the most optimum time to plant trees, Tomatoes.  “Growing Vibrant Communities” is hosted by City Plants, StreetsLA, the Department of Recreation & Parks, LA Sanitation & Environment and more! Join in on September 22 to learn all about LA Trees and how you can be a part of the solution and jump into forestry community action. We need to act, now, growing a healthy and sustainable future, Tomatoes. Remember you must RSVP to participate.

Van Gogh in LA

LA LIFE: Megafires, Growing, Van Gogh, Monrovia, Antiques

Los Angeles is home to many beloved masterpieces of art from across the world.  Through a series of lectures at the Hammer entitled “Van Gogh in LA,” John Walsh (art historian, curator, and museum director) discusses paintings by Vincent Van Gogh that live right here in our wonderful city. If you are an art lover this should be a fascinating series. Aren’t we lucky, Tomatoes?!

The Hammer, along with The Getty and The Norton Simon Museum are among other esteemed museums, that are home to Van Gogh paintings. Walsh, in a series of 3 talks, “A Dutchman in Paris”, “Vincent in Arles” and “Visions in Saint-Remy and Auvers”, illuminates how the works of Van Gogh exemplify the artist’s struggles and achievements in their artistic and historical context.  Since, Tomatoes, can’t visit the museum in person yet, this is a great way to satisfy your cravings to explore art, Tomatoes.  And who better to get to know and appreciate than Van Gogh. 

Sept 20. Downtown Monrovia

Monrovia is known as the Gem of the Foothills and having visited several times myself I find it totally adorbs, Tomatoes.  A 90-minute virtual tour takes you through the beautiful scenery to bring you the rich and fascinating history of LA’s fourth-oldest city. You might recognize Monrovia from popular TV Shows, Tomatoes

With small town charm and a bustling downtown district, you may have seen Monrovia as a filming location for Picket Fences or Netflix’s Bird Box. The tour will go from railroad builder William Monroe to Samson the Hot Tub Bear.  Monrovia has been home to many important community members with residential and commercial architecture that traces the history of Southern California from the 1880s to the present. I love Monrovia and you will too, Tomatoes!

Sept 20.  Long Beach Antique Market 

LA LIFE: Megafires, Growing, Van Gogh, Monrovia, Antiques

Tomatoes can safely spread out safely over 20 acres of outdoor vintage shopping at The Long Beach Antique Market. You’ll find huge bargains on treasures along with enhanced health and safety measures in place. Shopping with style that is chic, unique and vintage and safe! Can I hear a “Yippee”, Tomatoes?! 

Over 800 sellers feature a gazillion antiques and collectibles at great prices.   The Long Beach Antique Market was established in 1982 and was named one of the “Top 10 Flea Markets in the Us” by Good Housekeeping Magazine and theBest Swap Meet in L.A.” by Los Angeles Magazine, among other “Best” titles it has the market has received.  It truly is the “The Flea Market with Style”, Tomatoes. Remember that face masks are required at all times to keep everyone healthy.



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