LA LIFE: Marion’s Birthday, A Moment, Wine + Art, Vaccines, Spiritual Summit, Happiness

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LA LIFE: Marion’s Birthday, A Moment, Wine + Art, Vaccines, Spiritual Summit, Happiness

After ten years, the agave succulents across the street from me burst forth with swan neck formations filled with white flowers giving the neighborhood and the bees so much joy. Center Theatre Group has a new series focused on black artists.  It’s time again to celebrate silent film star Marion Davies’ birthday in vintage style. The Casa/LA Wine + Art virtual fundraising event is a not to be missed event. Confused about the ins and outs of making an appointment for the Covid vaccine in LA? Me too! The Gentle Barn is offering a “New Year Spiritual Summit.” Want to know the secret to happiness? Check out this week’s podcast.

January 31. Marion Davies Birthday Zoom

LA LIFE: Marion’s Birthday, A Moment, Wine + Art, Vaccines, Spiritual Summit, Happiness

Heads up Tomatoes!  It’s free but you need to register by Saturday January 30th (tomorrow) at 3pm if you want to attend the “Happy Birthday Marion” Zoom Presentation. The Annenberg Community Beach House and Santa Monica Conservancy will be celebrating the life and times of Marion Davies, the famed silent film actress, party hostess and the original Beach House resident. Marion Davies would be 124 years young if she were still here, Tomatoes.  Happy Birthday Marion!

Time for Tomatoes to dig through their closets for vintage attire or a vintage accessory and make the “Marion’s Sunset at the Beach” mocktail. Then Zoom in to enjoy tales and tidbits about Marion with the Santa Monica Conservancy docents. Music of the 1920s and 30s from songstress Janet Klein & Her Parlor Boys, and pianist Frederick Hodges will get you dancing from the comfort of your own home. You are in store for a marvelous time, Tomatoes.

Not a Moment but a Movement

LA LIFE: Marion’s Birthday, A Moment, Wine + Art, Vaccines, Spiritual Summit, Happiness

Center Theatre Group, in conjunction with Watts Village Theatre and The Fire This Time Festival, presents, “Not a Moment but a Movement,” a series of three events that pair play readings with a visual artist, a musician and a theatre artist to create an interdisciplinary collaboration that celebrates black voices.  A perfect way to celebrate the upcoming African American Heritage Month in LA, Tomatoes.

Each event will feature a host who guides the audience through an audio-visual experience which leads to a virtually produced play reading along with an in depth and uplifting panel discussion. All of which create a very unique cultural event. The CTG’s first episode event is now on demand featuring Angelica Cheri’s play “Crowndation” with the music of Jessica La Rel and the work of visual artist Kenyatta A.C. Hinkle, introduced by Vanessa Williams with Bruce Lemon hosting. Center Theatre Group Associate Artistic Director Tyrone Davis said. “There is so much insightful, inspiring and illuminating work for us to choose from that it would be impossible to fully represent the breadth of Black artists, but I feel that these three women, expressing and exploring their own unique voices and experiences, offer an excellent start to the countless conversations that our theatre and our community needs to have.” Yes, three women, Tomatoes. Bravo!

The Three Tomatoes Happy Hour Bookclub

February 6. WINE + ART

LA LIFE: Marion’s Birthday, A Moment, Wine + Art, Vaccines, Spiritual Summit, Happiness

in 2021, CASA Los Angeles estimates that 250,000 children will enter Foster Care. Those children need all the help they can get, Tomatoes. Wine + Art is a refreshing and a yummy way to support the wonderful CASA LA’s mission is to help those children. Sounds like a ton of fun for a very good cause, gals.

The virtual event will feature a wonderfully crafted Food + Wine Box from local food & wine partners with a non-alcoholic option. CASA truly is an amazing nonprofit organization with the vitally important work they do.  A delish dinner and entertainment that supports children in foster care in LA County! A sommelier will be the guide of CASA’s special virtual wine tasting. You can enjoy your meal and the wine while cozying up in your own home while watching the fundraising event’s program that evening. You can also attend & bid, if you wish, at the auction of over 150 donated pieces from incredible artists. Wow What could be better, Tomatoes?

LA COVID-19 Vaccine Info

LA LIFE: Marion’s Birthday, A Moment, Wine + Art, Vaccines, Spiritual Summit, Happiness

If you are like me, Gals, you may be overwhelmed with all the vaccine info coming from a bunch of different sources. Do you qualify? Which website is the right one? Understanding how to navigate the website to be successful in booking an appointment can be so confusing and frustrating.  I know I’ve been confused by the whole process. So, I’ll try to clarify a little, Tomatoes.

First, if you reside in LA County and you are a Health Care Worker, Long-Term Care facility resident or a person age 65 or over, you qualify to receive the vaccine right now. I’ve found 2 websites for booking an appointment. The County of LA Public Health Department is the one I eventually used to book my appointment for my first dose today. This site is my preference.  The other I found is the LA City Public Health Department.

From my experience it can be difficult to navigate these websites and very frustrating to get an appointment when you click on “Book an Appointment” because the spots available fill up fast. So you have to keep trying.  I found it is easier to do on my laptop. My husband made his appointment using his cell phone, but he said it was more difficult, however, it can be done. The LA County Public Health site does have a phone number, 818-540-0473, if you need additional assistance.  I must confess that at one point I thought I might pull my hair out. Don’t follow my example, Tomatoes. Determination, persistence, and patience are key to booking an appointment with any of the ways you choose use. 

Also: You might be wondering if you still need to wear a mask after you’ve completed the vaccine process? Yep! Very much so.  Healthy Women shares an excellent article from Kaiser Health News on the “5 Reasons to Wear a Mask after You’re Vaccinated.” It answered a lot of my questions.  It really is a must read for staying healthy and safe.  In a nutshell, “Masks and social distancing will need to continue into the foreseeable future.” said Dr. Preeti Malani, chief health officer at the University of Michigan… Why?

1. No vaccine is 100% effective.

2. Vaccines don’t provide immediate protection.

3. Covid vaccines may not prevent you from spreading the virus.

4. Masks protect people with compromised immune systems. 

5. Masks protect against any strain of the coronavirus, in spite of genetic mutations.

I highly recommend if you have an autoimmune disease and are taking immunosuppressants that you talk to your specialist about how effective the vaccine will be for you. As I have a couple of autoimmune diseases, I have talked to my specialist doc and am following her instructions to the letter. As the saying goes, “Knowledge is power”. I hope this helps you a little, Tomatoes. 

Feb 2 – Feb 7. New Year Spiritual Summit

LA LIFE: Marion’s Birthday, A Moment, Wine + Art, Vaccines, Spiritual Summit, Happiness

I lack the right words to describe how challenging the last year has been for all of us. If you are having trouble jump starting 2021 with a brighter outlook, The Gentle Barn’s “New Year Spiritual Summit” with 6 days and 6 ways to heal and grow might just be the answer. And all the proceeds will go to support rescued animals at The Gentle Barn! Woo Hoo, Tomatoes

The founder of Gentle Barn, Elie Laks and 6 experts, help you get centered, and to march forward into the future with hope, strength, and inspiration. You’ll learn about communicating with animals, connecting to your intuition, dealing with compassion fatigue, guided meditations, and more. Definitely worth looking into, Tomatoes.


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